All of my music is registered Creative Commons -- the vast majority of it is available here for free download, and all is available for noncommercial use (and even commercial use, depending, just ask). Making good recordings is very expensive though, so if you really want to encourage me to keep going, please consider subscribing to me!


SPECIAL FEATURE: Palestine Set on Soundcloud All my songs about Palestine in one place for free download or streaming, starting with "Gaza," just written in July, 2014. My latest 4 full-length releases (from 2013 and 2014) can all be streamed or downloaded here for free or by donation -- All the News That's Fit to Sing, Spies Are Reading My Blog, Into A Prism and Everything Can Change.

Songs By Topic Downloads of all my songs, by topic, with keywords. Especially useful for people with a radio show who are looking for relevant music to follow stories on various subjects.

Here's a concert from February, 2004 at the Capital Theater in Olympia, Washington:

If you become a subscriber you'll receive in your inbox a link to download Live in Copley Square (from October, 2013). You can find many more concerts, interviews, and other stuff on for free.

Lyrics and Music Alphabetical eSongbook with lyrics and music to over 200 original songs in alphabetical order. (Which is a paid download -- or free to subscribers).

David Rovics Show Periodic internet radio show that I host.

Download Meanwhile In Afghanistan (free or by donation) A folk punk manifesto in 12 parts featuring Tom Morello, Nick Angelo and friends. Plus a solo acoustic version you'll only find here online!

Download Big Red Sessions & 10 New Songs (free or by donation) 13-song studio recording made with some of Portland's finest musicians, plus a solo recording of 10 other songs, all available free or by donation! Here's the updated version of track #2 on the CD, Song for Chelsea Manning!

This Month in History and Song MP3's of many songs, arranged according to dates in history they're connected to. 100+ Songs for the 99% -- divided loosely by topic, with notes for each song. Including loads of the most recent stuff. Also includes archives of History in Song and other internet broadcasts I did on Spreaker, for easy and free stream or download. This is where I keep over 200 high-quality MP3's for free download. Most everything I recorded in a studio between 1998-2010 is here, and more.

Song Map My songs on a map, organized in a geographically sensible way, with a link for each song to an MP3 or a video.

Embedable, musical buttons you can wear on your website or post on Facebook! Just click "play"...
Here's one for Occupy Wall Street.

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See lots more musical buttons here! Download both of my children's recordings, Har Har Har and Ballad of a Dung Beetle, here.

Phone 4 Kids Really fun iPhone app for kids that includes 9 of my children's songs.

Podomatic I have several podcasts here. Some old interviews I did with people (where I interviewed them) here, too.


David Rovics YouTube Channel I got the playlists in order so it might be a pleasant YouTube experience... Wonderful animations of several of my children's songs are here.

DIY Music Business A little video tutorial I made one day, a "how to" for folks interested in being indy touring musicians like me.