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Songwriter’s Notebook

  • Not Dead Yet February 28, 2020
    Hi world! I'm not dead. That's the main thing I wanted to say. If you were worried, but you're too busy to keep reading, you can stop now. I heard from a couple of friends this morning who had just listened to today's episode of Democracy Now!, and thought they had heard Amy Goodman announce my demise. However, it was not I who died, but […]
  • Geoff Hannauer, RIP January 11, 2020
    It's been several days since my cousin, Geoff Hannauer, died in the Netherlands, at the age of 55.  He left behind three children, along with the rest of us who aren't dead yet. I'm really the last person who should be writing any kind of commemoration of my cousin, Geoff.  But when I look on the internet, virtually all that comes up is this a […]
  • Autumn 2019 Tour Reflections November 23, 2019
    The last of a series of gigs I've been doing over the past six weeks on the road was last night.  I don't always manage to collect my thoughts on the experience into a blog post, but I will this time. For a very long time now I have usually been doing two tours of this length or longer, every spring and every autumn.  Sometimes my lack of a blog po […]

I also maintain a weekly blog to complement each episode of my podcast, This Week with David Rovics.

This Week with David Rovics

  • An Open Letter to My Landlord #CancelRent March 31, 2020
    We will not be paying rent for April, and we thought we'd let you know why.Dear Mr. and Mrs. Randall,Just to let you know, since we've never met, I'm one of your many residential tenants.  I imagine that between you and your corporation, the Randall Group, and then between that and its subsidiary, CTL Management, Inc., there are several degree […]
  • The Forms of Isolation March 27, 2020
    As we hunker down wherever we are, we are collectively having radically differing experiences of isolation.Humanity, on any given day, is experiencing reality in very different ways. As a writer writing about the world around me and about things that have happened in the past, I spend a lot of time imagining what it's like to be someone else. There are […]
  • Unprecedented Precedents March 19, 2020
    What do Donald Trump, 1848, Covid-19 and Winston Churchill have in common?So much is changing so fast, by the time I publish this piece, it will likely sound very yesterday very soon.  But particularly now, there seem to be some salient points worth making, and a few recent moments worth recounting.Over the past several weeks -- which up until Sunday morning […]

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