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Songwriter’s Notebook

  • Luigi Galleani: The Most Dangerous Anarchist In America April 30, 2020
    This is a book review of Luigi Galleani: the Most Dangerous Anarchist In America by Antonio Senta (AK Press, 2019) that appears in Fifth Estate #406, Spring, 2020. Sacco and Vanzetti, the Italian-American anarchists executed in Massachusetts in 1927 for a robbery and murder they probably had nothing to do with, had a favorite newspaper. They regularly visite […]
  • Want a concert, workshop, or open mic hosted on your Facebook Page? April 7, 2020
    Even If I can't do a concert in your living room, I can do one on your Facebook Page, and it's actually pretty cool Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, one thing that's been happening is musicians and artists of all kinds have been engaged in a lot more experimentation with doing concerts, workshops and other things on the internet. I have been doi […]
  • Not Dead Yet February 28, 2020
    Hi world! I'm not dead. That's the main thing I wanted to say. If you were worried, but you're too busy to keep reading, you can stop now. I heard from a couple of friends this morning who had just listened to today's episode of Democracy Now!, and thought they had heard Amy Goodman announce my demise. However, it was not I who died, but […]

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This Week with David Rovics

  • Yet Another Open Letter to My Landlord June 28, 2020
    The suspension on evictions in the state of Oregon has just been extended until September 30th, and our rehearsal for a rent strike continues.Dear Randall Group, all it's many corporate investors and subsidiaries,We won't be paying the rent in our apartment once again, for the fourth month in a row.  I expect you will ignore this communication as y […]
  • Stop the Evictions Before They Start June 13, 2020
    The system based on a combination of police brutality, mass imprisonment, and evictions at gunpoint may be collapsing, but if it's going to fall in the direction we want it to fall in, we need to push it that way.  And if we want to make that happen, we have to organize to stop the impending wave of evictions before it starts.This society is at a crossr […]
  • Dominating Cities and Dominating the Narrative June 7, 2020
    What I am saying here is familiar to many people with a knowledge of actual history, rather than the fantasy version in the textbooks.  But actual history is a hidden thing, and therefore frequent reminders are necessary.  Here's my effort in this regard for today.  We can call it an editorial.Trump wants riot police and soldiers to "dominate,

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