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Songwriter’s Notebook

  • Luigi Galleani: The Most Dangerous Anarchist In America April 30, 2020
    This is a book review of Luigi Galleani: the Most Dangerous Anarchist In America by Antonio Senta (AK Press, 2019) that appears in Fifth Estate #406, Spring, 2020. Sacco and Vanzetti, the Italian-American anarchists executed in Massachusetts in 1927 for a robbery and murder they probably had nothing to do with, had a favorite newspaper. They regularly visite […]
  • Want a concert, workshop, or open mic hosted on your Facebook Page? April 7, 2020
    Even If I can't do a concert in your living room, I can do one on your Facebook Page, and it's actually pretty cool Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, one thing that's been happening is musicians and artists of all kinds have been engaged in a lot more experimentation with doing concerts, workshops and other things on the internet. I have been doi […]
  • Not Dead Yet February 28, 2020
    Hi world! I'm not dead. That's the main thing I wanted to say. If you were worried, but you're too busy to keep reading, you can stop now. I heard from a couple of friends this morning who had just listened to today's episode of Democracy Now!, and thought they had heard Amy Goodman announce my demise. However, it was not I who died, but […]

I also maintain a weekly blog to complement each episode of my podcast, This Week with David Rovics.

This Week with David Rovics

  • A Note from the Ministry of Staple Guns May 25, 2020
    The City of Portland, Oregon, and Multnomah County, are doing the best job in the country at kicking the can down the road.  Now is the time to push for a real solution to the housing crisis, here and across the USA.Since the pandemic hit, I have joined the ranks of the unemployed, like so many others have.  Dozens of gigs planned in nine countries on three […]
  • Dear Landlord #rentstrike May 22, 2020
    davidrovics · Dear LandlordI wrote a letter to the Randall Group to enumerate their crimes. This time, I made sure the letter rhymes. Dear Landlord,It'll soon be the first of the month, so we thought we'd write you a letter. Not that you asked, but all of us struck by the virus are starting to feel better. We thought we should let you know, once ag […]
  • Rich Peasants, Poor Peasants and "Mom-and-Pop Landlords" May 3, 2020
    In the course of the evolving patchwork of rent strikes happening right now across the US, there is suddenly a lot of talk in the press about how much the landlords are hurting. The landlords, of course, own the press, control the federal government, run all fifty states, and have a stranglehold on most of the city councils, so this shouldn't come as a […]

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