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Songwriter’s Notebook

  • Life After Facebook -- Ten Suggestions October 11, 2018
    A lot of people lately are more fully realizing the many down sides to Facebook.  Yes, it's only one of many massive corporations dominating much of the globe's online communications, but it's an especially problematic one on many levels.  With billions of users, it's so dominant it's almost impossible to ignore, especially for certa […]
  • Crunching the Numbers October 11, 2018
    DIY Touring in 2018 I suddenly feel compelled to do some public number-crunching, in case it interests anybody.  It's mainly for self-therapy.  Also, things are constantly changing in the indy music biz, such as it is, and I haven't done a public number-crunching in a while. Yes, I did have an experience which led me to feel compelled to write this […]
  • The Corporate Thought Police October 11, 2018
    I remember the time back in the early 90's when I had a show on a local college radio station.  After coming home from having just done a show consisting of a string of especially unpatriotic musical selections, I picked up my land line (which back then was referred to as "the phone") and rather than hearing the familiar dial tone, I heard thr […]

I also maintain a weekly blog to complement each episode of my podcast, This Week with David Rovics.

This Week with David Rovics

  • 1848 and the Yellow Vests December 14, 2018
    The so-called mainstream media that I keep tabs on seems to mainly be painting the gilets jaunes or Yellow Vest movement in France as little more than mindless rioting – anarchy, disorder, hidden Russian influence, and other bad things. The reason why they are painting this picture is because they are terrified. The reason they are terrified is because some […]
  • Windmills and Camp Fires December 6, 2018
    Paradise is lost, and other cities are next. As usual, there's a lot of other stuff in the news, too. One of them is the new UN report that says we have 12 years to get our act together or our species is doomed -- and they're actually using the word “doomed” to emphasize the point, not beating around the bush in the usual bureaucratese. So, somethi […]
  • Just a Renter November 29, 2018
    Founding member of Portland Tenants United (PTU), Margot Black, has often spoken at rallies and recounted the story about when she first became a tenants' rights organizer. She was a renter supporting her small children at the time, when her landlord one day announced to her that if she wanted to stay in the apartment she lived in with her family she ha […]

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