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David Rovics and daughter Leila Feel free just to say hi or to contact me about doing a show at your local elementary school or library. I tour regularly on four continents, doing shows for kids throughout the English-speaking world. So I might be in your neighborhood before you know it!

Here's a story your kids might like (if they don't mind the lack of illustrations): Children's Animal Farm.

Here are some nice things people have said about my music for kids:

"The one-hundred third graders of Castle Rock Elementary in Washington had a great time learning and performing 'The Pirate Song.' We appreciate David Rovics' help and the easy access to these resources. The video made it even more fun to learn for the kids! Thank you, David, for these songs and for sharing them with us."
Allyson McNeil, Music Teacher

"We had a smashing time Friday celebrating 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' which is held September 19th. I taught the kindergarteners 'The Pirate Song' by David Rovics. They loved the tune, the beat and the words... They begged every day for 'The Pirate Song.'"
Betsy Bodrero, Kindergarten Teacher

"As a primary school teacher in England, I'm always looking for ways for children to experience art and music in a single package. 'The Pirate Song' is fun, inventive and easy for the children to sing along with. All the children loved singing along with it and the animation helped enormously to visually engage the children. A great inspiration for their own creativity."
Fraser Morgan, Music Teacher

"We used 'The Pirate Song' as the opening to our play and the main character performed the opening verse as a solo. Needless to say, it went down a storm, and the feedback we had from the children, parents and community was excellent -- thanks to your generous nature in allowing people to use your songs free of charge!"
Joanne Gwyther, Primary School Teacher, South Wales, UK

"This summer, I directed a group of local youngsters as they staged an outdoor pirate-themed play during our small town's annual summer festival. For the finale, the kids all learned David Rovics' 'The Pirate Song'. They loved everything about the song, often singing at the top of their lungs and enthusiastically making up pirate-y actions to accompany their performance. Eventually, 'The Pirate Song' ended up being our favourite part of the entire production, and was a hit with our audience as well. I tend to think they were the cutest little swashbucklers this town has ever seen. Thank-you, David, for being so willing to share your talent and fun-filled songs with today's kids."
Jesse Gronhovd, Cultural Centre Summer Programmer, Saskatchewan, Canada


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