David's Pirate Song Chest

Free Downloads

Below you can stream all 16 songs from my CD, Har Har Har. You can buy the CD for $10 or get a high-quality, entire-CD download for $5 at my online store.

And if you like the songs from Har Har Har you'll also want to download my latest recording, Ballad of a Dung Beetle, for FREE or by donation!

Norwegian animator Bjorn-Magne Stuesdol made some fabulous animated videos to 5 of my children's songs. And here's a neat little video from France of "I'm Running Away."

I also have an eSongbook with sheet music, chords and lyrics to all of my children's songs which you can buy for $10 by clicking on the "buy now" button. Check out a free sample of it first!

(You'll be automatically sent the link after you make the payment, but if it doesn't work like it's supposed to, just email me and I'll email it to you.)

You can also hear many of my songs, play games, draw pictures and do other things by downloading the Phone 4 Kids app for your iPhone! It's really cool!

Pirate Songs for Kids

  1. Walking on the Ceiling
  2. Roller Coaster Train
  3. Punk Rock Baby
  4. The Fruit That Got Away
  5. The Pirate Song
  6. Fly Around The World
  7. Boogers
  8. Tappety Tappety
  9. Two Mommies & Two Daddies
  10. Bullies
  11. I'm Gonna Fly
  12. Daddy's Camper Van
  13. Don't Fall Into The Toilet
  14. I'm Running Away
  15. Owl Dream
  16. Together

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