You can also stream all of my children’s songs in the kids section of┬áthe David Rovics APP, free on Google or Apple stores.

Ballad of a Dung Beetle

20Ballad of a Dung Beetle


1. Ballad of a Dung Beetle 2. Baby in a Bag 3. Rockin’ in a Rocking Chair 4. Owie 5. My Backyard 6. Pretty Puppies 7. Babies Are A Mess 7. I Lost My Hat 8. When That Kitten Started Playing 9. I Just Wanna Climb A Tree 10. Leila’s Birthday Song 11. If I Was A Dog 12. It’s So Windy 13. Halloween Parade


Har Har Har! Pirate Songs for Kids

14Har Har Har(2008)

1. Walking On The Ceiling 2. Roller Coaster Train 3. Punk Rock Baby 4. The Fruit That Got Away 5. The Pirate Song 6. Fly Around The World 7. Boogers 8. Tappety Tippety 9. Two Mommies And Two Daddies 10. Bullies 11. I’m Gonna Fly 12. Daddy’s Camper Van 13. Don’t Fall Into The Toilet 14. I’m Running Away 15. Owl Dream 16. Together

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