“Welcome to my online store!”

This is my own DIY operation (feedback welcome), but orders will be filled promptly whether I’m on tour or not.  Please just email me with any questions or comments anytime, or call or text me at +1 971 266 3125.

Shipping is free within the US.  Outside of the US, shipping is free for orders of $50 or more.  For orders under $50, shipping costs will be factored in at checkout automatically if your address is outside of the US.

If you join my CSA, you will get downloads of all of my digital albums plus a selection of physical CDs in the mail (and free access to any of my shows, guitar lessons and other perks).  Every time I record a new album, CSA members will get it in whatever form I release it in (digitally and/or in the post).  CSA members also get a 50% discount on other merch, including free global shipping.  If you’re a CSA member wanting to order something, please just email me directly.

CDs — $15 each

These are physical CDs that are currently in stock.  You can read more about these and other albums on my Discography.  Many other albums are only available in digital form, by joining my CSA or by buying them on Bandcamp (where you can also join my CSA, also called “subscribing”).

The Other Side (2015)



Falasteen Habibti (2014)

30Falasteen Habibti




If I Had A Hammer (2013)

24If I Had A Hammer




Meanwhile In Afghanistan (2012)

22Meanwhile In Afghanistan




Big Red Sessions (2011/2015)

21Big Red Sessions




Ballad of a Dung Beetle (2011)

20Ballad of a Dung Beetle




Troubadour:  People’s History in Song (2010)





For the Moment (2005)

11For The Moment




Songs for Mahmud (2004)

09Songs For Mahmud




The Return (2003)





Living in These Times (2001)

05Living In These Times




Sing For Your Supper Booklet — $6

Sing For Your Supper copy

CD Combo Pack — $50

A random selection of 5 CDs.

Big CD Combo Pack — $80

10 CDs.

Thumb Drive of Plenty — $50 each

My Thumb Drive of Plenty is a 4 GB thumb drive that comes loaded with 30 albums — basically everything I’ve ever recorded in a studio — plus 2 live albums, sheet music to hundreds of songs, an ebook, and more.


“I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” t-shirts — $20 each

Better Anarchist T-shirt


“Do Not Kill Your Landlord” T-shirts — $20 each

Better Anarchist T-shirt


“I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” hoodies — $35 each

Better Anarchist Hoodie


“I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” stickers — $1 each

“Do Not Kill Your Landlord” stickers — $1 each

Don’t have a credit or debit card?  No problem!  You can send a check, money order, or well-concealed cash in any currency.  Just do the math yourself, write a note telling me what you’re ordering, and mail to me at:

David Rovics
PO Box 86805
Portland, OR  97286

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