I met you in a chat room on the web, discussing war and peace
The relationship of land disputes, climate and other indices
It was your punctuation that first made me want to see your face
But this was before Facebook, that’s how it was back then in cyberspace
Then one night I fell asleep and woke up having dreamed
The world had shifted a bit, things weren’t as they seemed

And when I googled “sunshine” you came up first page, first line

Strange to feel nostalgic for someone I never met
I’d never seen your picture but I’d think of you and sweat
But then there came the conference where you and I would both present
And we had lunch together on the campus in a tent
And in person you shone brighter even than on my computer screen
I was almost forty then but I felt about thirteen

And when I googled “sunshine” you came up first page, first line

That was a long time ago and well now here we are
I’m driving down the highway wishing you were in the car
But I know when I get home you’ll be standing there
Glowing with the warmth of a little solar flare
And later when you’re sleeping I’ll look at you and sigh
I’ll wonder how there there ever came to be such a thing as you and I

And when I googled “sunshine” you came up first page, first line

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“Sunshine” appears on the Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change (2013).

Micah Archer shared the hook line of this song with me at a gig in England, and I ran with it and wrote this love song.  In my view, at least half the effort of writing a good song is coming up with a good hook line, so the song is correctly registered as co-written by me and Micah.

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