The Draft Is Coming

The draft is coming
It’s blowing down the door
So pack your bags, boys and girls
We’re all going off to war

You can be the next to die for Halliburton
Pull the cord, drape the flag and draw the curtain
You can pull the trigger for the Exxon Corporation
Watch the cities burn around you while you’re standing at your station
You can shoot the children as they throw stones at your Humvee
And you can die for Kerry or maybe for Dick Cheney


When your tours are over and you come back
Maybe you can go to college if you survive Iraq
With DU dust in your lungs you can learn a trade
In your dying years you’ll have it made
And when you’re coughing up your last breath beneath the overpass
You’ll be praying for the fortunes of the military brass


But you can be happy about the cause for which you died
At least you fought for freedom unlike the other side
They were setting off car bombs while you dropped them from the sky
You sold the country off to whatever company would buy
Shut their papers down and shot them for their liberty
So as you die you know you left the world a bit more free


Yes you can die for oil and watch history repeat
Fight for empire in the desert and go down in defeat
Or maybe it could happen that now in the second round
We will take the struggle higher and this time hear the sound
Of the chimes of freedom ringing when we take Washington, DC
‘Cause opportunity is knocking, oh say, can you see


“The Draft Is Coming” appears on the 2005 CD, For the Moment.

After 9/11 many of us were certain it was only a matter of time before Bush tried to reinstate the draft.  Especially after all the talk about how stretched our volunteer military was, fighting two wars and all that.  But it never happened — Bush was a lot smarter than he appeared.  In any case, I wrote this song in preparation for the draft, which did indeed seem to be coming.  The song was used by an anti-conscription campaign in Switzerland years after I wrote it.

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