Community-Supported Art (CSA)

“A Thousand Friends” subscription campaign — over 300 CSA members and counting!  What is it?  Here’s a poem for the overview…

I was really broke one year
I thought there must be some way outta here
I wrote a pretty good song about it
But that didn’t seem to help one bit

Then my accountant said one day
You should start a CSA
You can’t just travel constantly
Now that you’ve got a family

So I followed her description
And set up this music by subscription
The way it works is you sign up
To put fifty dollars in my cup

Each year you’ll be billed once more
Each time you’ll thrill me to the core
You’ll be deeply appreciated
And you’ll get all the music I’ve ever created

A big folder of songs, updated often
From now til the day I’m in my coffin
Plus you’ll get CDs in the post
And free tickets to concerts, coast to coast

I’ll put your light bulbs in their sockets
And for those of you with deeper pockets
At higher levels of subscription
There are house concerts and song commissions

But at whatever level you come on board
You may most definitely rest assured
And be certain in the knowing
You are why I keep on going

Proletarian Circle – $50 per year

You get:

    • Access to a frequently-updated folder containing all 31 albums I’ve ever made in a studio, plus lots of other exclusive digitaSubscribersFront15l content.
    • A selection of 5 physical CDs in the mail from my back catalog, depending on what I have in stock at the time.
    • A new CD in the mail, every time I make one (about once a year).
    • A spiffy plastic card, making you an official member of the Better Anarchist Club, which gives you free access to almost any of my shows around the world.
    • An annual private lesson, in person or via Skype, on playing the guitar, singing, songwriting or whatever else you’d like to
      talk about.
    • A 50% discount on all other merch, such as t-shirts, hoodies and thumb drives.
    • My eternal gratitude.

Billing options

Family Circle – $100 per year

You get all of the above, plus up to 4 Better Anarchist Club cards, so the whole family can come to shows for free. Plus you get one free “I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” t-shirt each year upon request – from onesies to XXXL, so as the kids grow, they’ll never outgrow this one!

Billing options

Concert Circle – $250 per year

You get everything from the Proletarian and Family Circles, plus an annual concert in your living room for your friends and family (or whoever else you invite) next time I’m touring in your part of the world. (The fine print: this realistically applies mainly to folks living in Europe and North America, which is where I tour regularly.)

Billing options

Song Circle – $500 per year

You get everything from the Proletarian, Family, and Concert Circles, plus every year you can give me a subject to write a song about, which will ultimately be not only written, but professionally recorded. Several of my best songs have been written on commission like this. Luckily, people who want to pay me to write a song are always suggesting topics I would have wanted to write about anyway, so there’s no conflict of interests going on, in case you’re wondering…

Billing options

Central Committee Circle – $1,000 per year

All of the above plus, well, you tell me!

Billing options


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