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Weekly syndicated musical commentaries on history and current events, available for anyone to stream, download or include as part of any broadcast.  You can subscribe to the podcast by searching for This Week with David Rovics wherever you get your podcasts.

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This Week with David Rovics BLOG

Current podcast episodes now also appear in slightly modified form as written commentaries on the This Week with David Rovics Blog.  Written commentaries will also appear on occasion in my favorite source for such things, Counterpunch.

  • Of Triggers and Bullets January 18, 2019
    This commentary is dedicated to all of my friends who don't know the difference between a trigger and a bullet. I apologize in advance if I sound condescending. I'm 51 years old and I've been through this nonsense too many times – and every time it gets more surreal.It's an imperfect metaphor -- that's the nature of metaphors. But yo […]
  • Joy of Life January 13, 2019
    There are a lot of different reasons why people like me tend to alienate others. On occasions when I'm spending a bunch of time attempting to interact with what we may for these purposes refer to as “mainstream society,” I realize what a misanthrope I appear to be. Whenever I meet a new person and we engage in conversation that lasts for more than two m […]
  • Living Room Elephant January 3, 2019
    It's a new year, and I for one am going to start it out by talking about the elephant in the living room. What's that, you wonder? Well let's see, if we turn on the news we'll hear a lot about the government shutdown, the tear-gassing of refugees on the border, Trump's demand for a wall, partisan conflict, Trump's racism and xen […]

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This podcast, like everything else I do, as supported by members of my Community-Supported Art program.  But one-time donations are also most appreciated, and there are now various exclusive rewards available for those making such donations (with steep discounts for CSA members).


Sharing the Podcast

“It’s not folk music unless the folk are singing it.”

Can a 5-minute weekly podcast change the world, or at least have a real impact on society?  Yes, it can, is my unequivocal response to that question.  So can music, and many other things.  But only if people hear it.  If you like this podcast, please share it with at least one friend — preferably many friends.  Do you know anyone with a radio show, or who works as a Program Director for a community radio station?  Know anyone who has a podcast, a blog, or who writes for any kind of online or print publication?  Know any producers who work for Pacifica, BBC or CBC?  Anyone who can introduce the podcast to a new audience, whether it’s one new person or thousands of listeners to a popular radio show, podcast or other broadcast, is appreciated — by me and hopefully by lots of other people as well.

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