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Book et foredrag og en koncert med Mike Afrika, Jr (US) og David Rovics (US)

I’d like to briefly introduce myself, and the spring 2020 speaking/concert tour of Scandinavia I’m currently organizing for Mike Africa, Jr and me.

I’m a singer/songwriter in the folk/punk tradition, based in Oregon, in the US.  I write songs about current events and history, especially social movement history, including a lot about Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.  I tour in Europe a lot, performing at music clubs and for unions, political parties, schools, demonstrations, and elsewhere.

Mike Africa, Jr was born in prison, where his parents spent his first 40 years.  Debbie and Mike Africa, Sr were released from prison in 2018.  All of them are part of a community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known simply as Move, that has striven to make the world a better place, since the early 1970’s.  Move has been a local institution in Philadelphia, known as much for their interest in healthy living and urban farming as for armed self-defense against a historically racist police force.

With his parents out of prison, Mike Africa, Jr is focusing on his music and writing, and on traveling, seeing the world, speaking and performing.  Mike has never toured in Europe, and I’m aiming to change that.  Mike is available to speak about his family, his life and times, and share a message that people often find to be a surprisingly optimistic and uplifting one, from a person with an unshakable faith in humanity’s potential.  He’s also available to perform — he’s a prolific and powerful hiphop artist — and I am available to perform as well.  Whether either of us are performing, or if you just want Mike to come as a speaker, is entirely up to you, if you’re interested.  Regardless of the combination of speaking and performing, whether it’s just Mike or Mike and me, we’re aiming for 7,000 DKK for each school we visit.

Here’s a bit more background information, including a music video:

I hope to hear from you, and to see you in Denmark in the spring!