Songs For Today WORLD TOUR

Coming to your town — if you make it happen!

Songs For Today WORLD TOUR

I have a new album — Songs For Today — and a tour of the same name. Plans for now involve summer in Scandinavia, various parts of the US in early autumn, then in later autumn, Germany, Belgium, England, Scotland and hopefully elsewhere.

Specific plans in place:

  • Various gigs in Denmark and Sweden from late June through early August, including the Himmelstorm Festival, and a weekly Wednesday evening song swap i’m hosting at Cafe Hellebaek.
  • Late September in the northeastern US, including a visit to Marius Mason in prison in Connecticut, and a showing of his art in Maine, and hopefully good gigs throughout New England.
  • October 11-14 I’ll be at the North American Forest and Climate Movement Convergence in Illinois, and hopefully doing shows in surrounding states as well.
  • Late October I’ll head to Europe, starting out in Germany, Belgium and thereabouts.
  • Throughout November I’ll be doing shows in England, Scotland, and hopefully also Wales and Ireland.

At this point, only the skeleton is in place. If the tour is going to be a real tour, I need to hear from a whole bunch of people out there who want to organize a stop on the tour somewhere. Please contact me if you might be up for it!

The Tour So Far…

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