Dear world:

Plans for the Bearing Witness WORLD TOUR include:

  • Australia in June/July
  • Northern California and Chicago in August, Detroit in September
  • November in Scandinavia
  • March 2025 in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland

Info about upcoming gigs confirmed so far at davidrovics.com/tour — and more gigs wanted!

If you’re local to Portland, Oregon, please join Portland Emergency Eviction Response.  Another Portland is possible!

I do concerts for children, too!  Totally different material.  Check out my children’s music section for more info!

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I post essays, podcasts, new songs, songs related to this date in history and other things regularly on X/Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Telegram, and Facebook, where there’s also a David Rovics Group.  I also post regularly on Patreon, Soundcloud and occasionally on Instagram.

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