Welcome to my website…

Hi!  If you’re local to Portland, Oregon, please join Portland Emergency Eviction Response.  Another Portland is possible!  And your kids can join the Pirate Chorus.

I’m on tour in Denmark and Iceland from February 18th through March 6th.  Until then, I’m keeping regular “office hours” on the internet, livestreaming music and discussions on Wednesdays at noon Pacific Time (usually that’s 3 pm in Boston, 8 pm in Belfast, 9 pm in Berlin).  Depending on your corporate preference, I’ll be live on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch (broadcasting simultaneously and in good quality via Streamyard).

If you join my email list and/or follow me on Songkick you can stay on top of future concerts in your area, when I’m touring.  And if you might be up for organizing a gig, please get in touch!  The tours are crowdsourced, just like everything else.

New songs, rants, interviews, and concerts, which go out to my email list once a week, and can also be found as soon as they go out if you look for This Week with David Rovics wherever you get your podcasts, or on the David Rovics mobile app.  Written versions of my rants generally go out on Counterpunch.

I post songs related to this date in history and other things regularly on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook, where there’s a David Rovics group and a group for Portland Emergency Eviction Response as well.  I also post regularly on Patreon, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Mostly I put out everything for free, but for members of my Community-Supported Art program I also provide cool, exclusive content.  Thanks to all patrons and other CSA members for making it possible for me to continue doing this full-time.

One-off donations are also most welcome, and will go towards my Musical Instrument Fund.