Welcome to my website…

I’ll be doing a little west coast tour in February, visiting Australia in March, Denmark in late May, the UK in June, and otherwise home in Oregon.  If anyone might be up for organizing a gig somewhere, I’d love to hear from you!

If you live in the area of Portland, Oregon, have time free during school hours, and want to meet up to play music, drop me a line!  Here’s my weekday morning music pitch.

I’m livestreaming a free concert from my living room on the last Saturday of each month at 2 pm Pacific Time, when I’m home.  I use Streamyard to broadcast simultaneously on multiple platforms, and I can see your comments/questions from any of them on the screen in front of me.  You can follow me and tune in to my broadcasts on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

If you’re local to Portland, Oregon, please join Portland Emergency Eviction Response.  Another Portland is possible!  And your kids can join the Pirate Chorus.

If you join my email list and/or follow me on Songkick or Bandsintown you can stay on top of future concerts in your area, when I’m touring.

New songs, rants, blog posts, interviews, and concerts go out to my email list approximately weekly, most of which can be found if you look for This Week with David Rovics on various platforms where podcasts can be found, or at davidrovics.com/thisweek.  Essays and podcasts all also get posted on Patreon and Substack.

I post songs related to this date in history and other things regularly on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Facebook, where there’s a David Rovics Group.  I also post regularly on Patreon, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Mostly I put out content for free, but for members of my Community-Supported Art program I also provide cool, exclusive materials, both digital and physical.  Members of my CSA who signed up through my website as well as patrons on Patreon, subscribers on Bandcamp, Substack, and members on YouTube (click “Join”) make it possible for me to continue doing this full-time.