Antifascism Survey

What kind of Antifascist are you?  Take this survey and find out.

There are networks of people in many parts of the world who identify as Antifascists.  This means different things for different people, however.  In Germany, where being against fascism is especially popular, most antifascists identify more or less with the strain known as Anti-Imperialist.  But there’s a significant off-shoot of the Antifascist phenomenon that took bloom in the early 1990’s, and is generally known as Anti-Deutsch, or Anti-German.

These two strains of Antifascism both exist in the United States in 2022.  To my knowledge, the different tendencies don’t even have names in the American context, and a lot of people seem to be talking past each other, though they all identify as Antifascist.  This survey is intended to help people think about which ideological tendency they more closely identify with.


The survey app I’m using does not automatically give you results after you take the survey.  However, tabulating your own results is fairly straightforward.

If your responses to the odd-numbered statements tend towards “5,” while your responses to the even-numbered statements tend towards “1,” you’re quite likely a typical, ecumenical antifascist of the anti-imperialist variety.

If your responses to the even-numbered statements tend towards “5” and your odd-numbered responses tend towards “1,” you might like to join a troll farm, become an Israeli settler, or, preferably, get some help.  Feel free to reach out to me, if you want, we can talk.