Audio Memoir

Some anecdotes and ruminations from my first fifty years on the planet, spoken and sung.

The audio memoir comes in the form of sixteen episodes of approximately a half hour each.  The remembering, the writing, and the editing went on, on and off, for three years.  Altogether, for better or for worse, it probably represents as much time and effort as every recording project I’ve ever done, put together.  At the same time, because of the nature of the project, I suspect its audience is limited.  For this combination of reasons — and others, such as the collapse of the music industry — I am putting the audio memoir out there as an exclusive offering to my patrons on Patreon, and other members of my Community-Supported Art program.

CSA members will all receive a link to the folder online where new episodes will appear each week until the end of April, 2020, when the last one will go out.  On Patreon, patrons will get a new MP3 each week directly on that platform as well.  If you’re a current CSA member who lost the link to the folder, or the link has changed since you got the last one, please just email me for a new one.

Here’s a little section from the memoir, for anyone to listen to…