Dear Activist Community

This is the basic message I’m sending out to potential organizers of a stop on the Musical History Tour, such as people involved with unions, left parties, and progressive organizations.  I thought I’d post it here on my website in case anybody wanted to share it in any form.  Do that, and you’ve just joined the club…

Dear [potential gig organizer],

In order to understand the world around us, we need to know how we got here.  We need to understand what happened — the good and the bad, the social movements and rebellions as well as the robber barons and imperial conquests that have shaped the world we find ourselves in today.

It has long been known that one of the most powerful ways to share knowledge is to tell a good story.  And one of the best ways to tell a good story is to sing it.  With the Musical History Tour I’m taking a melodic form of popular education on the road.

If you often wake up thinking you live in Berlin circa 1933 or you regularly wonder what US society might be like if the Palmer Raids of 1919 had never happened, and you’re wondering how to effectively share these thoughts and feelings with your friends and comrades, just organize a stop on the tour and I’ll do my best to assist.  If you’re anywhere in North America or Europe and you’re flexible about dates, I can make a plan for a stop in your town.  Email me anytime at to talk about it!


“David Rovics sings people’s history to life.”
Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools/Zinn Education Project