Killing the Messenger

In addition to the music on Bandcamp, you’ll also find lyrics to all the songs, chord charts to many of them, and some photos from our time recording in Hawai’i in January.

Here’s a playlist consisting of five videos of recording sessions in Hawai’i that were essentially the takes that led to the final tracks.

Following a tradition we established recording Strangers and Friends in 2019, three of us converged from three different continents on a farm on an occupied island to record an album with a local multi-instrumentalist/engineer, in this case the Big Island of Hawai’i, on Chet Gardiner’s coffee farm.

The songs we recorded mostly had never had any kind of band treatment, and mostly were written by me between 2020-2022.

The album opens with a trilogy of songs about the persecution of Australian journalist, Julian Assange, including the title track. The rest of the album meanders between hidden history and the present day. Beyond the initial trilogy, an album theme might be a tenuous proposition, besides the broad notion of songs about history and current events, but it seems very notable that we are singing about a journalist imprisoned for helping to expose US war crimes in Iraq, during a time of war, in a country with such a history of empire, and other songs on the album explore various aspects of that empire.


released March 19, 2023

Those gorgeous harmonies are Lorna McKinnon, from Scotland, and Kamala Emanuel, from Australia.

Chet Gardiner — from Hawai’i, where we recorded everything in the last half of January, 2023 — also adds some harmonies occasionally, and lots of guitars, basses, synthesizer, and engineering magic.

Solomon Choo is the one playing harmonica on several of the tracks.

I sang and played cello and irish bouzouki.

Billy Oskay had all kinds of useful input on the project, though he didn’t end up contributing to this one musically.

Cover art by the brilliant Eric Drooker.