Weekday Morning Music?

Seeking folks who play music, live in the area of Portland, Oregon, and have free time during school hours!

As of September, 2022, my kids are all in school, leaving me with a bit more time free.  I’m a dedicated musician, away on tour now and then, but I’m home most of the time.  I have no day job, so I particularly have time to play with during the morning and early afternoon on many weekdays when school is in session.  If you play music, live in the Portland area, and have some kind of compatible schedule, I think we should probably meet up for a wee jam one of these days.

You don’t need to be a great musician to play great music, as you may already know.  If you have time free and the will to work out parts, amazing things can happen.  I’m mainly a singer/songwriter.  I play various instruments, but I don’t sight-read or understand much theory.  I’m interested in meeting folks who play music and have free time during school hours, whether it might become a regular thing involving public performances of original music or just informal jam sessions. 

In terms of my own music, you can look up David Rovics and check it out.  Working out renditions of my own songs with different musicians is of interest, but I’m also inclined to branch out and figure out parts to other stuff.  The main instruments I’ve been playing a lot lately aside from my voice are acoustic steel-string guitar, mandola, Irish bouzouki, and electric cello.  I’m especially interested in meeting folks who play bowed instruments of any kind and have some kind of grounding in a folk music tradition from somewhere in the world.  Of particular interest to me are Appalachian, Celtic, and West African folk idioms.

Please feel free to email me.