A collection of selected articles, podcast episodes, and songs I’ve written, plus a few interviews, which I’ve tried to organize here in a way that might be useful as a tool for popular education, divided amongst writings, videos, and audio.


The most recent couple of articles I’ve published related to Palestine are these two.  The first is in praise of the group in the UK, Palestine Action.  The second is an effort at popular education, for those who aren’t familiar with the somewhat complex picture that is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Palestine Action:  Smashing Elbit Systems — Counterpunch, August 18th, 2022

The Third Intifada:  A Backgrounder — Counterpunch, May 20th, 2021

YouTube Videos

This YouTube playlist starts with a little promo for Musicians For Palestine, then we have a selection of live songs, and videos different folks have made using songs of mine related to Palestine, followed by a couple of rants, interviews on the subject that I’ve done with others, and one that Al-Jazeera did with me.

Soundcloud Playlist

This playlist begins with a couple of podcasts, and otherwise consists of all the songs related to the Palestinian struggle that I’ve recorded.

Bandcamp Album

This is the 2014 compilation album, Falasteen, Habibti, which also exists as a physical CD, and consists of songs related to Palestine which have appeared on various other albums I recorded prior to 2014.