Please help me remember!

Since just before I turned 50 I’ve been working on a memoir about those first 50 years. Exercising those particular brain muscles and remembering is a fascinating endeavor. It’s fraught, though — my memory is very imperfect and very spotty. It’s like peaks poking up above the clouds. I’d like to remember more of what’s in the fog.

So, as strange a request as this may be, would you tell me something about me…? I’m neither looking for praise nor criticism, though either is welcome. I just want memories, stories, even just fragments or mental pictures. Whether it’s a sentence or a 10-page reminiscence or anything in between, written or as an MP3, any format.

Stories specifically about me are welcome, but reminiscences where I’m just a tangential figure but you remember I was there are just as welcome. Of particular interest would be your best effort to recall the date, as closely as possible, related to your memory(s) — even if it’s just the year.

If it’s something as simple as “I remember seeing you on a stage at a protest in Pittsburgh sometime in 2009, and I couldn’t hear your guitar,” or “I think we talked about politics around a campfire in Utah sometime in the Nineties,” this kind of thing would be great. But the more detail the better, even if the details don’t involve me. “I remember seeing you on May 1st, 2002 in Copenhagen” followed by a description of what was going on around you that day would be wonderful. If you’re more comfortable expressing yourself in a language other than English, feel free.

If you don’t mind being public, use the comment field below. If you’d rather be private for any reason, or if you have attachments to send me, please email me at

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