Red Goat Collective

The Red Goat Collective is a diverse collection of very intelligent people, most of whom wish to remain anonymous.  I’m fine being public, so as a result, I’m the de facto spokesperson of the collective.  I was not the main author of the main statement of the collective —
21 Fallacies Feeding ‘Cancel Culture’ And holding back the contemporary U.S. Left — but every word of it resonates deeply with my personal experiences with being targeted by allegedly leftwing cancellation campaigners.

If you have had your own experiences with being targeted by cancellation campaigners, we’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop me a line, or write the collective, you’ll find contact info at

For those with way too much time on their hands and the desire to wade through the morass of sordid details involved with understanding the nature of the campaign against me, I have a collection of relevant materials on my own website, at

The only thing to cancel is cancellation itself.  We have a world to save, for Pete’s sake.  All hands on deck, the ship is in need of rapid repair!