Rent Party

Mutual aid, with revolutionary intent.

The Rent Party supports rent parties — and envisions a society where they are no longer necessary.

The basic purpose of the Rent Party is the achievement of  a society where quality housing is a human right afforded to everyone — free of real estate speculation, because real estate speculation shall be illegal, along with owning more than one house.  Landlord-tenant relations shall be abolished, housing regulated as a public service shall plummet in overall cost, and we can all get on with more important things than expanding the portfolios of vulture capitalists.

It’s time to grab the Gold Men by their Sachs.

With the aim of someday achieving these goals, the Rent Party shall support efforts on the part of individuals and groups of people who are trying to pay their rent, or trying not to pay any rent.  The Rent Party supports rent parties — as well as squats and rent strikes.

Eat the rich.  And stop allowing them to feed at the trough of an economy based on insane housing costs.

The Rent Party may or may not be the political arm of the Church of the Sledgehammer.

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