PDX: Room Wanted

I live in a 2-bedroom apartment with my family of 5 in southeast Portland.  It would be amazing to have an office/practice room.

I live in Portland, Oregon, the most rent-burdened city in the USA, and rent-burdened we are.  We can’t afford to move into a bigger place, but under the right circumstances I could afford to pay something for a small office space in someone’s house, like a basement or an attic or even a large closet or whatever might be conceivable.  Somewhere I can set up some equipment and leave it there, where I can close the door and have privacy for writing, playing acoustic music, livestreaming, and recording podcasts.  Anything involving noise, like playing music or podcasting, only during reasonable hours that won’t disturb the neighbors.  The space doesn’t need to be soundproofed or anything, I can make it work, if it’s a room with a door on it.  If you live in southeast Portland and might be able to offer such a space for me to use, please drop me a line (like by email at drovics@gmail.com or by calling or texting me at 503 863 1177).  Thank you!