Live in Roskilde

Kamala Emanuel and I were booked to perform at the Ild i Gilden acoustic music festival in beautiful Roskilde, Denmark at the end of May, 2023.  A few weeks before leaving for Denmark I got an email from the festival organizers that there were folks offering to record the sets of performers interesting in taking them up on it, for a very reasonable fee.  A quick crowdfunder later and we made the plan to be filmed.

These 17 videos are culled from the footage taken by the three cameras that were on us throughout the show, with my talking and tuning omitted.  You can also listen to the full concert in podcast form, talking and tuning included.

Thanks in particular to everyone who donated to the crowdfunder and to all of you members of my Community-Supported Art program (on whichever platform) for making my life, and these sorts of recording projects, possible.