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The year the Ottoman Empire rescued 800,000 or so European refugees
$15 an hour — campaign for a living wage
A great year for pitchforks
30 Seconds
Attention spans

A Brief History of Jerusalem
Crusaders, new and old
A Brief History of the Orange Line

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts — a neighborhood saved by the Anti-Highway Movement
A Christmas Song
A protest song against having to listen to so much Christmas music
A Coup That Wasn’t A Coup
Egypt, 2013
A Dream Foreclosed
Foreclosure crisis, shattered American dreams
A love song
After the Revolution
Imagining how some things could be
After We Torture Our Prisoners
Then we’ll give them democracy
Age of Oil
It’s a surreal time to be alive, in the age of fossil fuels and collective suicide
Age of the Robber Barons
It was an age of progress and poverty
For the 71 refugees found dead in the back of the truck in Austria on August 27th, 2015
All The Ghosts That Walk This Earth
A song about missing my friend Eric Mark
All the News That’s Fit To Sing
The title track to the album that Phil Ochs never wrote
Alligator Song
A humorous take on the dioxin that is making their genitalia shrink (and ours as well)
America Has Never Been So Great
If it had been, then it wouldn’t be such a tall order to Make America Great Again
American Way
There is a profound hypocrisy in US policy towards Ukraine
American Rag
American patriotism is a strange and distressing thing
Angry White American Man
With a gun, who killed three Palestinian students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Anthony Hill
Killed by Atlanta cop for being Black, while unarmed and naked
Anthony’s Wiener
Former Congressman from New York City, Anthony Wiener, sexts
Anti-Israel Boycott Act
Major sentences for those who dare boycott Israel
Wars all over the place, millions of refugees, daily massacres, massive forest fires — check!
Assata Shakur, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist
Atif and Sebastian
Two men imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit
Aurora Massacre
Poem for those killed in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado

Babies Are A Mess (kids)
Fun song about making a mess
Baby in a Bag (kids)
How my daughter Leila liked to be carried around when she was small enough
The Ball is Round
Song for the Palestinian national football team
Ballad of a Cluster Bomb
Story of a cluster bomb in the first person
Ballad of a Dung Beetle (kids)
What would it be like to be a dung beetle who was allergic to poop?
Ballad of A Wobbly
Came to the US, got exploited, organized a union, got deported in the Palmer Raids
Ballad of CeCe McDonald
If you’re black and trans and try to “stand your ground” you go to prison
Ballad of Eola Park
Food Not Bombs activists arrested again
Ballad of HB 2004
It started out as being a pro-renter bill, then the landlord lobby bribed the Democrats again
Ballad of Saed Bannoura
Paraplegic veteran of the First Intifada but still going strong
Barack Obama
One of a series of derisive songs about the president
Barbara Lee
In praise of the one person in the Congress who stood up that day in September, 2001
Battle of Blair Mountain
The seminal event of the Coal Mine Wars of 1920-21 in West Virginia
Before the Oil Wells Ran Dry
Another song about the surreal nature of living at the end of the oil age
Before the War Came Home
Charlie Hebdo massacre, January, 2015
Before Their Ship Arrived
Refugees coming to a nation of refugees — Australia, in this case
The Begging (Revised)
Surviving as a musician
Behind the Barricades
Interpersonal love and solidarity is central to any successful social movement
Beneath These Stars
A song for a campfire
Berkshire Hills
Shays Rebellion was a rebellion of tenant farmers in western Massachusetts that began in 1786
A picture of the skyline of Berlin after World War 2
I like Bernie Sanders OK, but I don’t like the Democratic Party he’s recently embraced
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
This isn’t an election, this is an auction
Between You and that Harpoon
A song glorifying the exploits of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Bevar Christiania
A love song for the biggest urban commune in Europe, Christiania
Beyond the Mall
One of a series of songs about suburban sprawl and big box madness
Bicycle Song
A simple song promoting bicycle-riding
The Biggest Landlord
Just after Trump’s election
The Biggest Windmill
The first industrial-scale windmill, Tvindkraft, was built in the 1970’s by Danish hippies
Black Flag Flying
The Golden Age of Piracy, 1716-1726, was a revolutionary period
Bluegrass Fiddler of London
A love song for an English bluegrass fiddle player
Bomb Ourselves
A satirical take on the War on Terror, and which targets qualify for bombing
Bonobo Song
We humans are just as closely related to the affectionate bonobos as we are to the chimps
Boogers (kids)
Boogers are gross, and therefore a great subject for a children’s song
Bought and Sold
Oregon’s Democratic Senators
For my dear friend Brad Will, killed with a camera in his hand on October 27th, 2006
On July 22nd, 2011, neofascist Anders Behring Breivik killed 76 people in Norway
Bubbling Up
Scarlet Johansson decided she’d rather represent Israeli apartheid than Oxfam
Bullies (kids)
Union organizing for children 101
Burn It Down
Singing the chorus to this song is technically illegal in the US
Butcher For Hire
A piss-take of the former police chief of Miami and Philadelphia, John Timoney
By the Time They Nuke DC
Before the terrorists nuke DC, a song about how nice it would be if we don’t let that happen

Caleb for the Council
Song for Nick Caleb’s campaign for Portland, Oregon City Council
Cannabis Cafe
An enthusiastically pro-cannabis song
Captain Kruger is a Nazi
There is a Nazi in the ranks of the Portland, Oregon police department
Cheese and Bread
The Merthyr Rising in Wales in 1831 was the first time the red flag was flown as a symbol of revolution
Children of Jerusalem
For the children killed by the Israeli military at the beginning of the Second Intifada
Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
The heartland of Christianity is a surreal place, given the massive wall that surrounds it
Christmas in a Tent
A lot of families are in tents for Christmas, but they’re not camping
Comets of Kandahar
In appreciation of Bruce Cockburn and the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan
Commandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz
After Fidel died
The Commons
What is rightfully public, as opposed to private?  Like air, water, land, music…
Contras, Kings and Generals
Antiwar song from the 1990’s movement to lift deadly UN sanctions against Iraq
In August, 1993 the people of Cordova, Alaska blockaded Prince William Sound
Corporations Are People, Too
Mitt Romney said it, and so did the Supreme Court — a corporate personhood song
Crashing Down
General song about things crashing down, thinking especially of empires and stock markets

Daddy’s Camper Van (kids)
An effort to indoctrinate children so that they enjoy camping
The Dam
The Icelandic environmental movement began with an explosion in August, 1970
For those killed during antiwar protests at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970
Deadhead in Prison
So many hippies serving extreme prison sentences for possession of drugs
The Death of David Chain
David “Gypsy” Chain was killed by an angry logger on September 17th, 1998
The Death of Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli soldier driving an armored bulldozer on March 16th, 2003
Democrats Make Me Wanna Vomit
A brief history of the Democratic Party’s foreign policy initiatives throughout US history
Denmark, 1943
In October 1943 the Danish underground ferried thousands of Danish Jews to Sweden
Do Not Kill Your Landlord
A discussion of the pros and cons of different organizing tactics
Don’t Fall Into the Toilet (kids)
Falling into toilets is something to be avoided, though it’s hard when you’re small
Douglas MacLeod
The developer who is destroying my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon
The Draft Is Coming
It very much seemed like Bush was going to reinstate military conscription
Drink of the Death Squads
A satirical song about Coca-Cola, preferred drink of the Colombian death squads
Depleted Uranium is actually not very depleted, and is in fact very deadly
The Dying Firefighter
Along with everybody else who died on 9/11 were a lot of firefighters

Eagles of Death
Poem for those killed in Paris on November 13th, 2015
East Kilbride
When Rolls Royce workers in Scotland crippled the Chilean Air Force
East Tennessee
Whoever blew up the mines in Appalachia in 1968 never got caught
Eat the Rich
I thought the Eat the Rich Festival in Trondheim, Norway needed a theme song
Egyptian Rag
In the 19th century they used Egyptian mummy wrappings for making paper in the US
American democracy is a corrupt, money-soaked farce
Evening News
A piss-take on the propagandists that shape our minds
Every Minute of the Day
A sappy love song
Everything Can Change
Social change can happen so fast, once it gets going — optimism, folks
Everything Looks the Same
Another song about suburban sprawl

The Face of Victory
Another song about a traumatized, wounded war veteran
Facebook Song
A satirical look at Facebook and social media in general
Failed State
Fake News
There’s fake news, and then there’s fake news
We had to destroy the city to save it
Famine, Flood and Fire
Planet Earth, 2017
The First of May
It began with a massacre in 1886
Five Thousand Friends on Facebook, But
Being online and lonely
Flag Desecration Rag
A song about free speech, patriotism and flag desecration
Flight 800
On July 17th, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was shot down over Long Island
Floating Down the River
Poem for those killed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005
Fly Around the World (kids)
The world is an exciting place, and traveling around it can be lots of fun
Four Blank Slates
There are war memorials in the US with blank slates for future wars
Four More Years
Another song about President Obama’s shortcomings
Written for former ELF prisoner, Jeffrey “Free” Luers of Eugene, Oregon
Free Abu Sakha
A popular Palestinian circus artist detained with no charges
Frieden und Freiheit
Franz Jacob was a communist city councilor in Hamburg, Germany who was executed by the Nazis in September, 1944
A love song
From Kabul to Khartoum
On August 21st, 1998 the US bombed Afghanistan and Sudan
Fruit That Got Away (kids)
What happens if the piece of fruit sprouts wings?

Gather Round
A contemporary labor song
In response to Israeli bombing of Gaza that began on July 8th, 2014
Gentrification Town
For Portland, Oregon and all the other rapidly-gentrifying cities
The Ghost of Ethel Rosenberg
Turns out the government knew Ethel wasn’t a spy, but they executed her anyway
Glory and Fame
A brief history of the global working class
God Bless the USA
More satirical commentary on American patriotism
God’s Gift to the Caliphate
Donald Trump said he’d keep Muslims from emigrating to the US
The Golden Rule
The original boat that tried to stop nuclear testing in the Pacific
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds
An early attempt at disentangling the complex geopolitics of Kurdistan
Good-Bye, Portland
The gentrification process is well underway, and most of us are leaving
Government Shutdown
From October 1-16, 2013, the US federal government shut down
A would-be migrant from Guanajuato dies on the US-Mexican border
Guantanamo Bay
On stolen Cuban land there is a sort of US concentration camp

Halliburton Boardroom Massacre
Just an idea
Halloween Parade (kids)
For the Halloween Parade I attended in Bethel, Connecticut
Hang A Flag In The Window
The correct response to 9/11, of course:  blind patriotism
Has the Bombing Begun?
While waiting for the US to begin the bombing of Syria threatened in 2013
A love song
He Called Me Dad
A World War 2 veteran’s son got drafted and died in Vietnam
Helen Keller, Revisited
She did so much more than learn how to speak — she gave great speeches
Henk Streefkerk, Dutch resistance member, killed on September 13th, 1944
Henry Ford was a Fascist
Henry Ford was a leading anti-Semite and admirer of Adolf Hitler
Here At the End of the World
Reflection on living in a world teetering on the edge of the cataclysm
Hills of Tennessee
Mountaintop removal mining is incredibly destructive
An attempt to imagine the destruction of August 6th, 1945
His Hands Were In The Air
Michael Brown, Jr was shot and killed by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th, 2014
Hoarder Song
Hoarding Syndrome is a strange thing
Holy Land 5
The founders of the Holy Land Foundation are in prison for sending food and medicine to Palestinians
Hot Tub Song
A love song for hot tubs and life
In one of these lives I’d like to live in a houseboat in England
What if nobody got two until everybody got one?
How Far Is It From Here To Nuremberg?
An exploration of the morality of modern US reality
They’re military targets, aren’t they?

I Can’t Breathe
On July 17th, 2014, a cop on Staten Island choked Eric Garner to death
I Have Seen the Enemy
Of words and bullets — an antiwar song for George W Bush
I Just Wanna Climb a Tree
That’s where I spent much of my childhood
I Know A Man
Marriage equality
I Remember Warsaw
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April, 1943
I Wanna Go Home
The simple message of the Palestinian refugee
Iceland, 2008
When the Icelandic people rose up and told the bankers off
A moral argument for taking in refugees
If Clinton’s A Progressive
If I Die Tomorrow
Don’t assume it was an accident, just because it looks like one
If I Had A Hammer
For Plowshares activists around the world (Queensland in particular)
If I Was A Dog (kids)
Here’s what I’d do
If I Were Captain of the Pirates
Another pirate fantasy
If It Were to Be
Some of the challenges of polyamory
If Only It Were True
A satirical take on the Republican view of President Obama
If Someone’s House Is Burning
After the fire in Santa Rosa, California
If This Were A War
Dallas shootings
If You Bomb Somebody
They might just bomb you back
I’m A Better Anarchist Than You
A satirical take on certain holier-than-thou anarchists
I’m Gonna Fly (kids)
Intergalactic flying is always the power I really wanted to have
I’m Running Away (kids)
Thinking about what a massive thought “running away” once was to me
I’m Taking Someone With Me When I Go
Getting into the mind of the perpetrator of the high school massacre
In One World
After all that, some people still want to try to live together
In ’68
A lot happened
In the Name of God
Dr George Tiller was assassinated while in church on May 31st, 2009
International Terrorists
Who are the biggest terrorists?
Invisible Man
Homeless in Portland
A musical explanation of Instant Runoff Voting
Irish Spring
On April 24th, 1916 the Easter Rising began in Ireland
Is That A Girl Or A Boy?
For all the little boys in dresses
Israeli Geography 101
Israel is a country that refuses to tell us where its borders are
It’s Legal Now
Marijuana legalization is now reality in Colorado, Washington, Oregon+
It’s So Windy (kids)
Inside a warm room, looking outside at the wind, fog and rain

Jar of Ashes
For the jar of ashes containing some of Joe Hill’s remains
After Israel’s invasion of Jenin in 2002 there was a suicide bombing
Jewel of Bucharest
A love song
Jill Stein
Green Party presidential candidate
Joe Hill
For the 100th anniversary of the execution of Joe Hill in 1915
John Brown
For the militant abolitionist executed in Virginia in 1859
Judi Bari
For the Earth First! and IWW organizer
A love song
Just A Dream
Career fantasies of an independent musician
Just A Renter
Why have a vested interest in a society that has no vested interest in you?
Just Humans
Lessons from Lola Aglialoro

The Key
So many elderly Palestinian refugees have keys around their necks
Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands
One current hunger striker from Jenin who remembers another from Belfast
Kick It While It’s Down
For the heroic resistance of Rojava
Memories of the murderous US war in Korea in the 1950’s

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler
Many Louisiana refugees from the 2010 oil spill were descended from Canadian refugees
Land Day
More massacres in 2018 on a day marked by a massacre
The Rent Strike Wars of 1939-1948 that led to the Homestead Act of 1862
The Last Lincoln Veteran
For Bob Steck and all the others who fought in the International Brigades in Spain
Lebanon 2006
Poem for the thousands killed when Israel bombed Lebanon in 2006
Leila and Majnun
For Omid and his partner in detention in Nauru
Leila’s Birthday Song (kids)
An alternative birthday zipper song — just insert your child’s name!
Leila’s 10th
I wrote a poem for my daughter’s 10th birthday
Lesser Evil
Agonizing over who to vote for
Letter to My Landlord
After he massively increased the rent for the 9th year in a row, I wrote this song
Liberty and Justice for All
Immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, internment of Japanese-Americans began
Life Is Beautiful
A love song
Like I Think About You
Remembering a strangely estranged old friend
The Lives of Children
For the teachers who strike for us all
Lola Aglialoro
My babysitter was a magnetically wonderful woman, and she was a refugee
London Is Burning
Mark Duggan was killed by a cop on August 4th, 2011 — riots across England followed
Luddite Song
Feral fantasies
Luis Posada
Rightwing Cuban terrorist protected by the US government

Make It So
For Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Star Trek
Make the Planet Earth Great Again
A much better, more inclusive idea
Mama’s Royal Cafe
A love song
The Man Who Burned the White House Down
General Robert Ross burned down the White House on August 24th, 1814
May The Force Be With You
For Elijah Simpson-Sundell, who died
Meanwhile in Afghanistan
In May, 2012 protesters at Chicago NATO summit were charged with terrorism
Mi Amor
A love song
In November, 2003 police in Miami rioted against FTAA protesters
Minami Sanriku
On March 11th, 2011 a massive tsunami wiped out this Japanese village
Minimum Wage Strike
A bluegrassy fantasy about a general strike of low-wage workers
Mitch Daniels
The former Indiana governor that banned Howard Zinn’s books
Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg was arrested in London in 2014
More Gardens Song
For all the guerrilla gardeners of the world
Morning at Minnehaha
For the Minnehaha Free State in Minneapolis in the late 1990’s
A Canadian government minister called George W Bush a moron
On March 22nd, 2014 a mudslide in Oso, Washington killed 56 people
My Backyard (kids)
All the adventure a small child needs can often be found there
My Daughter
For all the children killed during the 1990’s sanctions and bombing of Iraq

Names and Addresses
Grenfell Tower Fire, London, 2017
Neither King Nor Kaiser
For the antiwar movement around the world during World War 1
New Orleans
Racism and neglect killed many more people there than Hurricane Katrina
Next Attack
US foreign policy makes the next terrorist attack inevitable
No Fracking Way
Protest song against fracking
No One Is Illegal
Tear down the borders
Now That You’re Gone
A love song

It’s the occupation, stupid — a song about the Israeli occupation of Palestine
Occupy Wall Street
I sang this at lots of OWS encampments in 2011
Oil Train
On July 6th, 2013 an oil train derailed and exploded in Quebec
Oklahoma, 1917
The Green Corn Uprising
On the Sidewalk
Living in a tent
On the Streets of Copenhagen
Maastricht Treaty, 1993
On The Train
For Fletcher, Meche, Best
One Day in Kenya
Muslim bus passengers risked their lives to save Christians
One Night In Greece
A Libyan student named Osama took down a flag
Operation Iraqi Liberation
Satirical take on Iraq occupation co-written by George W Bush
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
This is what they diagnose the punks with
Who?  Why?
Osama Bin Laden is Dead
And now we’ve won the War on Terror, right?
Outside Agitator
They wouldn’t let me into Canada in 2002
Owie (kids)
Owies suck!
Owl Dream (kids)
A lullaby

Song for a survivor
Parking Lots and Strip Malls
Another song about strip malls
Paul Wolfowitz
The embodiment of the connection between capitalism and imperialism
Pebble Mine
Protest song against building a very big mine in Alaska
Protest against building a very big oil pipeline across the US and Canada
Pirate Radio Song
A fight song in favor of pirate radio
Pirate Santa
What if Santa Claus joined the pirates of Somalia?
Pirate Song (kids)
A basic, kid-oriented pro-pirate song
Pirates of Somalia
A basic, adult-oriented pro-pirate song
Polyamory Song
The logic of open relationships
Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living
A fight song inspired by Mother Jones
Pretty Puppies (kids)
Pooping in the park
In June, 2013 Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s Prism Program to the world
Promised Land
9/11 from the perspective of a hijacker
Punk Rock Baby (kids)
Nominally a kid song

Rasmea Odeh
Poem for Palestinian activist facing deportation in Chicago in 2015
Reichstag Fire
Exploration of 9/11
Rent Control
Did you know that rent control is illegal in 48 out of 50 US states?
The powers-that-be always have a name for their current “enemy within”
Poem for Palestine
Rinky Dink
There is an amazing bicycle in England
Riot Dog
For Loukanikos, the most militant leftwing dog in Greece
Rocking in a Rocking Chair (kids)
Fine place to spend the afternoon
Rod Monroe Campaign Song
Oregon’s chief landlord Senator
For the people of Rojava
Roller Coaster Train (kids)
What if the train became a roller coaster?
That’s rocket-propelled grenade

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket
On September 11th, 1973, a CIA-led coup overthrew Chile’s democracy
Scar Upon Your Face
A love song
Send Them Back
Similarities between media coverage of refugees in 1939 vs 2015 are striking
Shut Them Down
Around the turn of the 21st century, the anti-capitalist movement was
Sit Down To Piss
A fine leftwing German tradition that should spread
Sixty Thousand More
Automobiles are very deadly
So Many Years Ago
A love song
So You Wanna Flip A House
In the gentrifying cities of the US, this is the yuppie fashion — house-flipping
Someday (On Burnside)
Homeless in Portland, Oregon
Someone’s Got Their Ear
A lot of politicians are very corrupt
Sometimes I Walk the Aisles
On September 3rd, 1991, 25 workers at a Tyson chicken nuggets factory died
Song for A Refugee
I am and therefore I have human rights
Song for Al Grierson
Al was a good friend, a songwriter who lived in Texas and died in a flash flood
Song for Alistair
Reminiscences of touring together with Alistair Hulett
Song for Ana Belen Montes
A heroine of many, locked up for 25 years for spying for Cuba
Song for Basra
For the long-suffering people of Basra, written during the sanctions era
Song for Big Mountain
In 1974 the authorities began relocating Navajos (again)
Song for Boxcar Betty
One of the more colorful IWW organizers back in the early 20th century
Song for Chelsea Manning
Whistle-blower against US war crimes in Iraq
Song for Cindy Sheehan
Her son was killed in Iraq and she started Camp Casey outside of Bush’s ranch
Song for Eric (Eric Mark)
My dear friend and housemate was killed on May 1st, 1993
Song for Ginger Goodwin
Ginger Goodwin was killed on July 27th, 1918 for opposing World War 1
Song for Hugh Thompson
Hugh Thompson and his helicopter crew put an end to the My Lai Massacre
Song for Hugo Chavez
In praise of Venezuela’s popular socialist president, up until his untimely death
Song for My Broken Heart
A love song
Song for Oscar Grant
Oscar Grant was killed by a BART cop on January 1st, 2009 in Oakland, California
Song for Pelican Bay
In July, 2013 tens of thousands of California prisoners went on hunger strike
Song for the BBB
The Biotic Baking Brigade used to throw a lot of pies in a lot of faces
Song for the ELF
In praise of the Earth Liberation Front (at least the idea of it)
Song for the Eureka Stockade
In December, 1854 British troops massacred gold diggers in Ballarat, Australia
Song for the Mavi Marmara
In May, 2010 Israeli troops killed 9 people on a Turkish humanitarian aid ship
Song for the SOA
The School of the Americas teaches Latin American military officers how to torture
Song for the SOA #2
A second song for the torture school in Columbus, Georgia
Song the Songbird Sings
On November 7th, 2003, Mahmud Al-Qayyed, age 10, killed by Israeli sniper
Spanish Journalist Strike
Spanish journalists dramatically walked off the job during 2003 press conference
Spies Are Reading My Blog
In August, 2013 I was prevented from entering New Zealand
St. Patrick Battalion
When the US invaded Mexico in 1846, 202 Irish US soldiers joined the Mexican Army
Standing Rock
Where they resisted the pipeline
The State House Lawn
On June 17th, 2015, 9 people were killed during a church service in Charleston, SC
Statue in the Harbor
The Statue of Liberty is such a nice idea (kind of like western civilization)
Steal This MP3
What’s good for EMI is not necessarily good for the rest of us
Still Waiting for the Change
Another frustrated song about President Obama
Stock Exchange
In March, 1918, syndicalists marched from Folkets Huset and took over the stock exchange in Copenhagen
An amazing public art project you’ll find throughout Germany, remembering the dead
Stranded in Tokyo
After being denied entry to New Zealand, I was
Strike A Blow Against The Empire
A fight song
In 1941 this Japanese diplomat saved the lives of thousands of European Jews
Sunset Laws
The territory, and later the state, of Oregon was founded as a “white homeland”
A love song
Syria, 2013
There was a poison gas attack and aborted plans for US-UK-French bombing
Syrian Princess
A love song

T-Stop Cafe
The life of a busker (street musician)
Take Me Away
When you meet someone and that’s your first thought, as it happens
Tappety Tippety (kids)
Most parents do it too much
Tax the Rich
A fight song in favor of taxing the rich and cutting the military budget
Tax the Sun
In 2014 the Oklahoma legislature instituted a “sun tax”
Terror In The Skies
Antiwar song against NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999
Terrorist in Chief
Making sense of President Obama’s September 11th speech in 2014
Text Messages of the Apocalypse
It began with a flood in Florida and a simultaneous fire in Oregon
They All Sang the Internationale
On May 1st, 1945, Katharina Jacob was liberated from the Nazis
They Couldn’t Stand By
The antiwar movement of the late 1960’s was very impressive
They’re Building A Wall
The Apartheid Wall that Israel built
This Rage
Living under the regime of gentrification
Time For You To Go
A love song
Times Gone By
A love song
Today in Charlottesville
19 injured, 1 killed
Together (kids)
Working together can be much better than competing
Too Proud to Beg
For a homeless veteran killed in a heat wave
TPP 101
A thorough explanation of why TPP/TTIP is bad
Trade War
In 1839 the UK declared war on China for refusing to import opium
Trading with the Enemy
In 1961 the US imposed an embargo on Cuba
Trafalgar Square
On February 15th, 2003 a statue of George W Bush was toppled in London
A love song
On February 26th, 2012, 17-year old Trayvon Martin was killed
In December, 2004 a giant tsunami struck Asia
Tunisia 2011
In January, 2011 the president of Tunisia fled his country
Two Mommies and Two Daddies (kids)
Nontraditional families can be even more fun than traditional ones

Ungdomshuset’s Microphone
Poem for the Danish rebels of the House of Youth
Union Makes Us Strong
Stories from the Great Depression
Unknown Soldier
A love song for an FMLN guerrilla
Up The Provos
Ballad of IRA hunger striker Francis Hughes
Upon Our Shores
For Aylan Kurdi and all the other children washing up on the shores
US Embassy
Where do they orchestrate all the military coups?
Used To Be A City
And then it became a post-industrial shell

Poking fun at sectarianism
For Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear weapons program
For Vasili Arkhipov, Soviet officer who saved the world in October, 1962
The Village Where Nothing Happened
In December, 2001 the US Air Force killed 115 people in Kama Ado, Afghanistan

Waiting for the Fall
Hiding in the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq during the insurgency
Waiting for the Hurricane
Literally and figuratively
An evil corporation
Walking on the Ceiling (kids)
A song about physics — or not
The War Is Over
On May 1st, 2003 George W Bush said “mission accomplished” in Iraq
Watch Out for the Cops
Portland, Oregon has the deadliest cops in the US, if you’re black
We Are Everywhere
It was a popular notion during the anti-capitalist movement circa 2000
We Just Want the World
An environmentalist song
We Will Win (Song for Wisconsin)
In January, 2011 there were big protests in Wisconsin against Governor Walker
Welcome to the European Union
A satirical look at the EU as it gets more and more like the US
Welcome to the Working Class
A satirical look at the strange concept of “the middle class”
What Am I Doing Here
Being on the road can be lonely, especially on the nights when the gigs suck
What Do You Call It
There are a few parallels between modern Israel and Nazi Germany
What If You Knew
If knowledge were power and the truth could set you free
What’s Gonna Happen?
Just before Trump’s inauguration
When I’m Elected President
I’ve got a campaign song just in case
When Johnny Came Marching Home
Homeless, traumatized veterans panhandling
When That Kitten Started Playing (kids)
A song about one of my earliest memories
When the Shooting Ended
Another song from massacre-land
Who Will Tell the People
Another song in appreciation of the alternative media
Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Antiwar song
Whoever Wins In November
Another song about our farcical US democracy
Why Don’t They Play You On The Radio?
Payola still rules, more than ever, and it still sucks
Wookey Hole Inn
A love song
World of Broken Dreams
A love song

You Can Keep Your Fillings
After the Danish parliament said refugees’ valuables should be confiscated
A love song
Yuppie Scum
A growing percentage of the population of Portland, Oregon