As I was being arrested
A reporter stuck a mike in my face
I said the first few words that came to mind
If there’s hope for the human race (then we need)

15 dollars an hour (3x)

They say this is a democracy
But there’s none of that on the job
Just a company making billions
While the rest of us get robbed


There’s so much crime in the city
It fills my heart with rage
Especially the crime of the billionaires
Who would pay such a criminal wage


I took a red-eye to California
Landed at LAX
Well-paid workers looked me in the eye
Said it’s really not complex


The company says the union
Just wants to get your dues
They should try making that argument
With someone who has something to lose


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“15” originally appeared on the 2014 online album, When I’m Elected President. It’s a song inspired by the movement for a $15 an hour minimum wage in the US, which has been led by SEIU and other labor unions.