A Biden Ballad

When Joe Biden was Vice President, in 2014
Perhaps it was not a coincidence, as it was quickly seen
Ukraine was overthrown, more or less
This new government was very closely aligned with the US
And the VP was sent over there many, many times
Just to put it in a little context, that was the clime
He was working very closely with the Ukrainian state
Which is all related to the Congressional debate

When Joe Biden was Veep, hanging out in Ukraine
Perhaps there is someone who could help to explain
Why when his son, Hunter, was kicked out of the Navy
How he wasn’t riding a train made of gravy
When suddenly the young man had a corporate job
I guess that could have happened to any other slob
Consulting with Kiev, making millions of dollars
But it looks a lot like a leash and collar

It looks like C-O-R-‘R-U-P-‘T-‘I-O-N
This is the ballad of Delaware Joe
and Kiev’s Hunter Biden

Now it’s only circumstantial evidence
But it’s increasingly hard to sit on this fence
It could be that there isn’t any smoking gun
But when the US Vice President’s son
Makes twice as much money as his father was paid
It sure sounds like Hunter would have made the grade
To lobby for a foreign power
If his last name was Trump, he could have worked in Trump Tower

Where the pieces fall now is anybody’s guess
The Senate will have their hearings, here in the US
War, peace, impeachment – who knows what comes next
But if the pattern holds, we all know what we can expect
A state controlled by money, whether domestic or overseas
A nation ruled by nepotism — family dynasties
Politicians acting just as you’d expect puppets to do
Sold to the highest bidder — whether purple, red or blue