A Luta Continua

Since before Massasoit let the settlers in, long since they took over the west
Burning and looting has been at the core of the what the USA does best
Robbing the garden of plenty while handing out crumbs from their plates
The modus operandi of this sorry excuse for a state
Looting such natural treasure and then making everyone pay
As far as I can tell, this is our national way
And so all across America a luta continua

Built by kidnapped people brought to this looted land
Reared on fantasies about Jesus and the market’s invisible hand
Run by an elite and a complex criminal net
Who loot the national treasury every chance they get
Looted land and looted labor, the roots of all they own
Along with the looted jewels of empire upon their looted throne
Where here in America a luta continua

Built on looted graveyards, carved in looted rock
Used for selling looted people on looted auction blocks
While the descendants of their owners aren’t asking what I mean
As they call on the military to come and intervene
As the mayor scrambles to save a sinking ship
So loaded down with loot, the captain’s lost the grip
While across America a luta continua