A Penny A Play

If each time a song were streamed, I received one cent
This is exactly what I’d need each month to pay the rent
I made that calculation looking at the stats
Must be a lot of other people wearing the same hat

The concept may not be perfect, but in the streaming age
If we want to form a movement, it could be the first stage
The idea is very simple – set up some ground rules
Otherwise Big Tech makes trillions, plays the rest of us for fools

Now I’m just dreaming about the day
That we might get a penny a play

It would not be a revolution, but as sure as the world is round
It’d be helpful to know how far you fall before you hit the ground
I’m a DIY musician, who knows for how long
What we need is union, so this is a union song

They say they’re losing money – they’ll say it to the end
But if you want to pay the landlord, you got to have it to spend
Your labor should be valued – no need to genuflect
A tiny fraction of a cent is not enough respect

These vulture capitalists in Stockholm and San Francisco
Play their shell games, and think that we don’t know
That they are getting rich from the music that we made
At what point do we start getting paid?