I was a cynic long before we met
I think that’s how it tends to be
You go around the block, that’s where you get
And that’s how it was with you and me
But there isn’t a single day that passes by
When I don’t ask if I could’ve made the grade
When I don’t see your name and wonder why
I didn’t go to Adelaide

Perhaps when I was a younger man,
Back when I believed in fate
I would not have turned and ran,
I would have known I’d found my mate
I would’ve known this was something of a different kind
I would’ve known I had it made
I would’ve known when to change my mind
And I would’ve gone to Adelaide

Woodford in the summer is a hot place
In the coming weeks it got hotter still
Each day I look up and I see your face
Staring at me just above my windowsill
I said I – I was already taken
But maybe I was just afraid
To leave a woman’s heart forsaken
If I went to Adelaide

When it’s daytime where I sit
For you it’s usually night
But every other day I still get hit
By what should be a familiar sight
Each time I see your name appear on my screen
I feel like I’ve been flayed
If we chat I just try not to mention
How much I long for Adelaide

They say time heals everyone
This is something I have come to disbelieve
Because each time a new day is done
I think of all the things I never will achieve
Such as being the father of your child
Hiking with him in a forest glade
Such as having my heart beguiled
By the hottest Red in Adelaide

Sometimes I wish I were a Buddhist
Not just a worshipper of dirt
Then I could make up for all I missed
And live a life in someone else’s shirt
I’d live in the southern hemisphere
I would be the guy who stayed
Each and every day I’d hold you near
In our little home in Adelaide

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“Adelaide” first appeared on the 2012 CD, Meanwhile In Afghanistan. It also appears on the acoustic version of the CD on Bandcamp. It’s a love song.