All That Didn’t Change With 9-1-1

Everybody’s got their notions, how we got to where we are
Listening to voices while driving in the car
Who tell us how things were different after the attack
That killed all those people, turned the skies of New York black
But what I mainly notice, when all is said and done
Is all that didn’t change with 9-1-1

The Cruise missiles kept on cruising, just like they did before
From Kabul to Kirkuk, in a world at war
Directed by the money men in New York and DC
As they keep on bombing the world to to keep on making it free
The planet still controlled by the dollar and the gun
And all that didn’t change with 9-1-1

The CIA kept managing the same groups they had built
Training them to torture, armed to the hilt
Flooding them with funding, all ready to forget
While by the plaques in Pennsylvania, the paint was still wet
If they’re trying to defeat terror, maybe they should turn and run
All that didn’t change with 9-1-1

The Army kept recruiting, like in centuries past
Rallying round the flag that flies atop the mast
Calling for Crusades for democracy
Wherein all resistance, we’re told, is tyranny
Where success, it seems, is measured by the megaton
All that didn’t change with 9-1-1

And now that time’s gone by they move in to seize control
Of the narrative – don’t mind the terrible toll
Don’t mind the flattened cities, from Falluja to Baghdad
If your death came from America, maybe dying’s not so bad
It’s a story of an empire, however it is spun
And all that didn’t change with 9-1-1