America Has Never Been So Great

If the corporations in control gave back everything they stole
We would not be in this ditch, the whole country would be rich
We could’ve been the best, like the Norway of the west
But instead from shore to shore we’re so homeless and so poor

We could have reconciliation in this very divided nation
We could have a Truth Commission instead of another damn petition
We could have a forward leap, but such things don’t come cheap
But what if we seized the shares of each and every billionaire

If we had elections that weren’t just corporate selections
Between one fool and another – yes, if I had my druthers
We’d have a party, maybe two, that would have the slightest clue
This would seem to be essential in a place with such potential

If our treaties were obeyed, if kids weren’t hungry and afraid
If class and race and gender meant more than legal tender
If it weren’t all run by money it could be a land of milk and honey
If we’d more often make the call to build a bridge and not a wall