Angry White American Man

He was 46 years old, he had 2 parking places
He got angry if one of the residents took one of the visitor spaces
In the apartment complex that might provide one little clue
That this middle-aged man had accomplished little that he set out to do

He spewed anger at all of his neighbors and he hated religion so much
Maybe that’s why he moved to the Bible Belt, because hatred is such a good crutch
He spewed anger about all religions with his back against the wall
Why stop at just hating one of them when you can just hate them all

Another angry white American man with a gun
Another angry white American man

He was 46 years old, he didn’t live among his peers
Neighbors mostly younger by about 24 years
Neighbors from all over, some in religious dress
But what in hell the man was thinking, we can only try to guess


He was 46 years old, his neighbors had a meeting last year
To talk over what they might do about this man they feared
He carried a loaded pistol, no telling what might inspire
Him to pull it out one day and fire, fire, fire


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“Angry White American Man” appears on the 2015 CD and Bandcamp album, The Other Side.

“Angry White American Man” originally appeared as an “iPhone broadside” in 2015, following the massacre in Chapel Hill, North Carolina of Palestinian Muslim students Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha by their racist, xenophobic white middle-aged neighbor, Craig Stephen Hicks. Hicks is one in a virtually endless series of white men with massive anger management problems and racist and xenophobic views, who have often not been especially successful in the market economy and want to blame women or people of color for their problems. (Rather than more sensible culprits, like capitalism.) The three victims were three of many who have been targeted and killed in hate crimes by angry white men with easy access to firearms due to extremely lax gun control laws.