Anthony Hill

He grew up in the church, in the AME
And sitting in his perch on his grandfather’s knee
He became an athlete and an actor as well
He was in the driver’s seat – only time would tell
The things he might achieve as he signed up to go
Travel overseas to Desolation Row
In Afghanistan, where he had more than his fill
Oh, the things that made the man named Anthony Hill

He went off and served his nation, came back troubled in his head
Got on some medication, felt like the Walking Dead
He witnessed things in his deployment that no one should ever see
Among whatever else that meant he had PTSD
He tried hard to proceed, he did it because he knew
If he wanted to succeed, it’s what he had to do
He spoke up in support of those who they call ill
He was quick with a retort, was Anthony Hill

Of how the world should be, he had many visions
When he looked at the mirror he saw a man of diverse composition
Not so the cop who came with fear upon his face
Looked at a person with no name who was of a different race
Anthony walked outside in a post-traumatic nightmare
Hands upon his sides, but the policeman didn’t care
He went off his meds – so it’s ready, aim, kill
The unarmed, naked man lay dead – his name was Anthony Hill