Wars raging across the seven seas
Millions and millions of refugees
Millions dead or living in tents
Or crowding into cities being sucked dry for the rent
Thousands sinking to the ocean floor
Or dying in the desert escaping civil wars
Fascists attacking centers for asylum
Dying if they stay, dying if they come

Rains stopped falling, drought is the new norm
Aquifers depleted, dust rising in a storm
Hottest year ever, again and again
Millions of acres on fire, taking lives of firemen
Towns evacuated, houses burning
Here and everywhere, wind speeds rising
Turning the air into a smoky haze
When you wake up these days

There won’t be any zombies in the actual apocalypse
And it’s gonna look a lot like this

Ice caps melting, north and south
Pesticides flowing into the river mouth
Last of the oil being drilled
The last frontiers being killed
Food prices rising high
If you’re rich you pay, if you’re poor you die
And the dead just die, and then stay dead
Whether you starve or get a stake through your head


Wealth gap stratifying
Whole ecosystems killed and dying
Politicians on TV sets
Looking just like marionettes
Drowning in debt, swimming in treasure
Desperate times, desperate measures
Raising alarms, building walls
United we kneel, divided we fall