Aurora Massacre

The survivors will hug and tell their stories
With flashing lights the living and the dead
Will be taken to the morgues and to the hospitals
We’ll hear about the last words that they said
At least if it was a notable occasion
Like if it happened just down the road from Columbine
If the victims numbered in the dozens
The murder plan especially malign

The governor will talk about the senselessness
The madness that must explain the crime
Some will ask about the guns, six thousand rounds of ammunition
He bought legally all at the same time
If the murders were especially dramatic
This man will have his week of fame
But by around this time next year
Just a few will remember his name

Fewer still will remember his victims
In this great nation that seems to have no peer
And who can blame us for our amnesia
With fourteen thousand killed by guns last year
But for now they’ll talk about his methods
They’ll ask how he came to be this way
They’ll hire more policemen in the theaters
It’s another massacre in the USA

They’ll ask about his schooling
Who could have seen these warning signs
Some will ask why he had access
To buying an assault combine
Former victims will speak out on the TV
They’ll have a platform for just a little while
Until something else takes over
Like a storm or a fire or the latest summer style

They’ll talk about violent films and video games
The social disconnection of the youth
They’ll talk about the cubicles and headsets
With each one separated in a little booth
They’ll talk about bullying in schools
They’ll talk about all sorts of social ills
They’ll ask if he smoked marijuana
And if he was on any kinds of pills

The corpses will be removed from the theater
They’ll replace the seats and wash away blood stains
The NRA will lay low for a week or two
While pouring money into electoral campaigns
The President will praise the First Responders
And ask God for these madmen to be cured
The Assault Weapons Ban will be voted down in Congress
And the next massacre will be assured

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This poem originally appeared on the 2013 online album, Everything Can Change (and before that, on my blog). It was written just after the massacre at the Bat-Man opening at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado in July, 2012. This is a poem about government policy, government corruption, the domination of government by lobbyists and special interest groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), gun control (and the lack of it), and otherwise the conversation that happens after every one of these almost-weekly American massacres. Which are usually called multiple victim shootings, or just “shootings,” these days. Not sure what qualifies as a massacre anymore in the eyes of the established media and politicians.