Babies Are A Mess

There’s a bottle on the floor
And milk all over your face
I don’t know what you’re eating
But it’s all over the place
There is a bowl of beans
Beside your teddy bear
But now you’ve dunked your hands in it
And smeared it in your hair

Yeah, babies are a mess
That’s one thing you can say
They might be cute and cuddly
But they’re messy either way

You found a bunch of mud
And mixed it with some fingerpaint
I don’t know what to call it now
But fingerpaint it ain’t
You took some apple juice
And poured it on your pants
Then you said “oh my that’s cold!”
And you did a little dance


I turned my head a moment
And the next thing that I knew
You had stepped upon a bottle
Full of Elmer’s glue
It squirted out across the room
And went right out the door
Then you ran after it and
Tracked glue across the floor


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Babies Are A Mess

“Babies Are A Mess” originally appeared on the 2011 online album (later also CD) of children’s music, Ballad of a Dung Beetle. If you’ve ever raised a baby, you’ve probably done a lot of cleaning up of all kinds of solids, liquids and other substances of all description.