Baby in a Bag

Some babies like to ride in strollers
Other babies like to ride in cars
Some babies like to jump on pogo sticks
Other babies like to get pickled in jars
Some babies like to get wrapped in towels
And drag around a rag
My baby she likes to get right inside
And get carried in a bag

Baby in a bag (6x)

Some babies like to ride a bike
They think that that’s just swell
Others like to try unicycles
But that usually doesn’t go so well
Some babies like to fly a jet
At ten thousand feet
My baby likes to sit between
The carrots and the beets

Some babies like to ride on top
Of a speeding train
Other babies like to jump in puddles
Running in the rain
Some babies like to swing on vines
And go from tree to tree
My baby likes to sit on top
Of a bunch of frozen peas

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Baby In A Bag

“Baby In A Bag” originally appeared in the 2011 online album (and later CD) of children’s music, Ballad of a Dung Beetle. It was inspired by raising my daughter, Leila, who I occasionally resorted to carrying around in a cloth grocery bag back when she was small enough to do that. I can’t remember if it was because my arms were getting tired of carrying her, or if she got into the bag for fun and then I picked her up in it. All I remember for sure is she really liked being carried around in a bag.