Ballad of a Dung Beetle

I’m from Seattle
And I’ll tell you my tale
I grew up by the water
I was born in a pail
I’m a dung beetle
Just like my friends
But sadly that’s where the
Similarity ends

I’m a dung beetle
That normally means
I would eat dung
Not carrots or beans
Yes my friends all eat dung
They eat it all day
But I had to find
A different way

‘Cause I’m a dung beetle
Who’s allergic to poop
I feel so left out
I just sit there and droop
They tease me for being
So out of the loop
I’m a dung beetle
Who’s allergic to poop

We walk through the woods and
We come to a bog
There’s a cow pie
Right next to a log
All the other dung beetles
Jump onto that thing
While I sit and eat berries
And mournfully sing


One time we were walking
And we found a whole herd
Of cows who had produced
Some really fine turd
My friends all went wild
I could only stare
And think about how life
Just isn’t fair


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Ballad of a Dung Beetle

“Ballad of a Dung Beetle” is the title track of the online album which also became a CD in 2011. Lots of kids experience being ostracized in one form or another, for being different. They are often bullied and made to feel like they’re wrong to be different, and they should conform. So this song is exploring that theme, in a more ridiculous way, in the form of a dung beetle who is allergic to dung. Which seems very unlikely, actually, but I figured if it involves animals and poop, then the more downer subject of bullying and teasing kids for being different is a bit more palatable.