Ballad of John McCain

John McCain, John McCain
Your grandfather was an admiral
And your father was one too
When you turned 17
You knew what to do
You signed up for the Navy
So you could make it rain
Kill innocent civilians
Dropping bombs from planes
John McCain

John McCain, John McCain
On your military service
You then made a run
You got into the Congress
In 1981
In the halls of the Senate
You had only just arrived
When you were caught up in corruption
One of the Keating 5
What should have been a loss
You turned into a gain
Not quite sure how you did it
The innocence you feigned
John McCain

John McCain, John McCain
You were the hero in the Senate
Who had survived the war
The one who would explain to them
What we were fighting for
For each act of aggression
You would cheer along
You’d go visit the troops
And sing your military songs
You’d thank them for their service
And then you’d watch them die
As they fought for corporations
Launching missiles from the sky
To the streets below
Which would be covered with the stains
The blood of the innocent
Running down the drains
John McCain

John McCain, John McCain
You voted for austerity
And every free trade deal
You never met an oil well
You didn’t think that you should steal
About the poverty around you
You never did a thing
Except more military spending
And less of everything
That matters to the people
Who want a peaceful place to be
Without some war-crazed Senator
Calling them his enemy
You called yourself a maverick
Whatever the heck that meant
You had lofty aspirations
To be the US president
Now your dead, it’s over
Your terroristic reign
The liberals, they loved you
Too bad about the cancer in your brain
John McCain