Bomb Ourselves

The President got on TV and there was nary a dry eye, he said he loved his country and mom and apple pie
He said he was a proud man and he liked his home fries grilled, and as for countries harboring terrorists, those people should be killed
He said we’d send our bombers to deal with rogue states and all those evil people would have to meet their fates
So it was with some trepidation that I looked up to the skies, ’cause I was driving past Fort Benning when I came to realize
That I guess we’re gonna have to bomb Columbus, Georgia, home of the infamous SOA
‘Cause they train the death squads of Colombia who commit a massacre every day
Civilians are their targets, folks just like you and me
I guess that makes them terrorists, any idiot must agree

And I was heading further south for a vacation to spend some time hanging on the beach
Soaking up some sun and playing volleyball with all my troubles out of reach
And then I saw Brothers to the Rescue flying in the clouds above my head
And I thought this trip might not be too restful if tomorrow I am dead
‘Cause I guess we’re gonna have to bomb Miami, with all those insurgents running loose
Killing Cubans at the Bay of Pigs and elsewhere, they say they’ve got some kind of excuse
But isn’t terror terror irregardless if your victim is a fan of Karl Marx
So let’s bring on the cluster bombs and napalm, kill off some people, fish and sharks

Well I thought I would head north, go someplace where I might feel safe
These thoughts all seemed a bit unsettling, I was feeling a bit like a lost waif
It was then I thought I’d move to Costa Rica, though such a thing seemed terribly uncouth
Because I suddenly realized with horror, the terrifying clear and present truth
I guess we’re gonna have to bomb Washington, DC, ’cause terrorists are lurking all around
Sending soldiers, guns and money wherever death squads and dictators may be found
So let’s appreciate the situation, take your Orwell off the shelves
If we are to listen to our President then we’re going to have to bomb ourselves

“Bomb Ourselves” originally appeared on the 2002 CD, Hang A Flag In The Window.

The hypocrisy of George W Bush constantly going on about terrorism, while at the helm of the most terroristic nation in the history of so-called civilization, was hard to take. It’s hard to take under Obama, too, but Bush was quite a bit more clueless and evil-seeming, though both loyal servants of their imperial corporate overlords. But Bush was constantly saying the stupidest shit, constantly pushing his foot way down his own throat, and he inspired a lot of creativity on my part. This song explores some of the places within the US that should surely be bombed, along with Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, while they’re bombing terrorists. Such as the terrorist training school, the School of the Americas, that teaches the Colombian death squads their torture techniques.