I came down with a cold
Now it’s getting pretty old
I’m so tired of feeling this a-way
I don’t know what to do
I just wish it would be through
And I could just wake up another day

I’m just dragging all around
I get up and then fall down
Being sick really is no fun
But what makes me feel so grimy
Is how everything gets slimy
When my nostrils just run run run

‘Cause I got boogers in my nose
I got boogers in my toes
I got boogers boogers boogers in my hair
I got boogers on my cheeks
They been sittin’ there for weeks
I got boogers boogers boogers everywhere

As the days went by
I began to wonder why
It had to be me to have this curse
When I hoped things would get better
They just got slimier and wetter
Oh yes and the boogers just got worse


I know someday this will end
And I’ll make it ’round the bend
And I won’t have this stupid cold no more
But until that good day comes
I’ll be dripping from my gums
And my boogers will be running out the door


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“Boogers” first appeared on the CD of children’s music, Har Har Har, in 2006. It’s a song about the stuff that can sometimes come out of your nose in large quantities, especially when you’re sick.