Bought and Sold

The Senate in Salem is controlled by Democrats
They can say what they want to but I got the stats
The ones taking the most from the owning class
Are the ones progressives give a free pass

Such as the governor, Kate Brown
Bribed as soon as she came to town
Such as Mark Hass and Brad Witt
Two traitors to the people who should promptly quit

They’ve been corrupted by the dollar
Landlords have them by the collar
You don’t have to be a scholar
To see who is bought and sold

Like Betsy Johnson, Rod Monroe
We know just where they can go
These servants of the ruling class
These traitors can all kiss my ass

Such as Lee Beyer, Arnie Roblan
Who smells just like a Republican
Such as Clem and Caddy McKeown
We see just what they are doin’