I went to play at the playground
To do things I like so much
Run with my friends, play make believe
Swing on the swings and such
But this morning I went to the playground
And bullies were guarding the swings
They knocked over the slide, dumped out the sandbox
Took away all of our things

This playground is run by bullies
And they’re all so big and mean
But this playground was made for all of us
And we’re gonna change this scene

Now all of us were scared of the bullies
They were so big and we were so small
Til somebody said if we organized
We could be ten feet tall
We stood on each other’s shoulders
Put blankets over our heads
We looked like monsters and we roared like lions
And those bullies ran home and hid under their beds


Well we got that playground back
But then we looked across the street
Saw the sewage plant belching out smoke
Poisoning the ground under our feet
It’s giving us all asthma
And the hour is getting late
So we all marched across the way
And blocked the factory gate

‘Cause this world is run by bullies…

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“Bullies” originally appeared on the 2006 CD of children’s music, Har Har Har.

Bullying is a big issue for kids and other people around the world. It occurred to me one day that the best way to deal with bullies of any kind, anywhere, is by forming alliances with all the people who don’t like bullies, who generally seem to vastly outnumber the bullies. Union organizing for kids is what this song is about, basically.