Busking in the Metaverse

The hospitals are full to overflowing
Every hallway lined with hospital beds
No one seems to know quite where we’re going
Cemeteries overloaded with the dead
But my wifi is still working, I guess things could be worse
I’ll be busking in the metaverse

You won’t make someone sick out on the internet
At least not with a virus of that kind
You might be depressed or lonely but as of yet
Most likely you will find
You won’t have any need a doctor or a nurse
Busking in the metaverse

There are famines going on in several countries
But not if you go dancing with the stars
On the internet no one is hungry
Or at least they have well-fed avatars
And they won’t cross the street and clutch their purse
When I’m busking in the metaverse

There are armies lining up along the borders
You can have your wars both cold and hot
Mercenaries following their orders
How much cryptocurrency you got?
You can drop some in my case while I stand here and rehearse
Busking in the metaverse

Icecaps are all melting, forests are ablaze
Toxic smoke blocking out the sun
So just put on your goggles, look at all the ways
Modern humans can have fun
It may be someone’s salvation or a planetary curse
But I’ll be busking in the metaverse
You’ll find me busking in the metaverse

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