By the Time They Nuke DC

I want to write this song Because it should be written now
And these thoughts should be between us
As far ahead as time will allow
For once the suitcase has exploded In this country some call free
Thoughts like these might not be tolerated
By the time they nuke DC

By the time they nuke DC Will it be too late to wonder
If there might have been another path
Than that of rape and plunder
When the mushroom cloud is rising And it’s all revenge and unity
Who will ask these questions

By the time they nuke DC And there are millions lying dead
From the radioactive wasteland Will more angry words be said
Who will recall the empire The years of global tyranny
The millions slaughtered by our bombers

By the time they nuke DC Will it be too late
To stop this vicious cycle And turn around the planet’s fate
If this eye for an eye continues Will we have security
And will anyone believe that

By the time they nuke DC Will the rulers think again
Before they push the button To kill a billion women and men
Must we wait to find out Or might we change history
Will we stop the madness

“By the Time They Nuke DC” first appeared on the 2002 CD, Hang A Flag in the Window.

When 9/11 happened, it was evidently a big surprise for a lot of people, particularly in the mass mind control experiment known as the United States. Many of the rest of us were wondering why a horrific attack like that didn’t happen before. After all the crimes against humanity that have been committed by the US internationally for so many generations. Then the corporate media was hyping up the scary possibility of a “dirty bomb” or some other nuclear-ish device being used by a terrorist group next. Given that the US military has turned Iraq into a radioactive wasteland, littered with tons of radioactive “depleted” uranium shells, a “dirty bomb” attack on DC or somewhere like that seemed, and seems, like a highly likely scenario, if the US keeps acting like a global bully of gargantuan proportions. So, I wrote a song about the idea.