Captain Kruger is a Nazi

The far right has many members in the ranks of the police
This is undoubtedly true from the USA to Greece
Among the most notable cases is the PPB
Who kill more black men per capita than any department in the country
But the leader of the Vice Squad deserves a special mention
Even among his fellow cops he’s caused a bit of tension
If he could choose his weapon it would surely be a Luger
I’m talking about a marksman by the name of Captain Kruger

No it’s not just about the lawsuit back in 2003
That he attacked peaceful protesters with thug brutality
It’s not just about his colleague who got tired of his shit
After years of him harassing her he got promoted and she quit
I mean that stuff doesn’t help, but what really makes the case
Is how he commemorated members of the so-called Master Race
About his political proclivities there’s been no need for us to guess
Since he put up a plaque in honor of the Waffen SS

You can say that it’s just speech, you can say that speech is free
But Captain Kruger is a Nazi

He put up a plaque though he says that’s not what he meant
But I’m not sure what other messages get sent
When you memorialize a man for whom mass murder was a game
Who had thousands of non-Aryans killed in his name
Kruger sued the city and the Nazi won
Lots of money, an apology, the right to keep his badge and gun
But it wasn’t only that – he got promoted, too
Hey, no problem, if you want to gas blacks and gays and Jews


The mayor says he’s sorry that he didn’t read
The settlement he signed, but now he’s done the deed
The mayor says he’s sorry – here, have a lane for your bike
Now can we stop complaining about Mr. Third Reich
And please don’t call the cop a fascist – he’s sensitive about that
Just ignore the Swastika on his Nazi hat
Just ignore the Swastika, he’s not doing too much harm
Just tell us if he starts tattooing any numbers on your arm


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“Captain Kruger is a Nazi” originally appeared on the Bandcamp album, When I’m Elected President in 2014.

It’s the land of free speech, so I guess if you used to yell racial slurs out the window of a speeding car when you were younger, you like to collect Nazi memorabilia and make little informal public memorials to dead Nazi officials, and you happen to be a cop in Portland, Oregon, then that’s just all par for the course.