Church of the Sledgehammer Hymn #1

If you think everything looks bleak
Tired of the boot on your neck
If you’re sick of waiting for the meek
To inherit this wreck
Then I have a proposal to make
You’re free to say yes or no
I say the next move we take
Is to gather our forces and go

Cut the wires, climb the walls or just walk over the hedge
Praise God as your hammer swings, there is no sledge but sledge

The basic task at hand
It’s a simple sacrament
Find your nearest combat aircraft
And make the biggest dent
The biggest dent you can
And then you swing some more
From Hawaii to Afghanistan
That’s what the church is for

There are scales we can tip
With such a simple device
Because a helicopter gunship
Hit hard once or thrice
Is a very fragile thing
When it’s sitting on the ground
Nose cones, jet fighter wings
On the bases where they’re found

Our gospel may be simple
But it’s based on an underlying theme
It’s a church without a temple
But it most certainly has a meme
The power to conquer and divide
Relies on the fighter jet
With enough folks on our side
Let’s see how far they get