Comets of Kandahar

The Twin Towers came down in 2001
Bush said Bin Laden must pay for what he’d done
The Taleban offered to turn him over to a court
But the USA said to them we’ll have nothing short
Of an invasion of your country by imperial command
We’ll bomb your villages, steal your land
Your children can cower in fear just before they die
As the comets of Kandahar are streaming through the sky

We’ll overthrow your government and put there in its place
A kleptocratic oil man, a national disgrace
Who can bleed your country dry, make sure your people pay
While we kill innocent civilians every single day
With missile strikes from above the clouds, an F-33
And we’ll call it liberation, we’ll call it democracy
We’ll send the death squads out to kill you if you dare to question why
As the comets of Kandahar are streaming through the sky

And as your nation crumbles, as the rubble turns to dust
As the Russian tanks and helicopters blacken with the rust
As the children die and their parents take up arms
To defend their dignity, their religion, their cities and their farms
Canadian crusaders will meet the fate of ages
Facing men who say of them as the battle rages
If I had a rocket launcher some son of a bitch would die
As the comets of Kandahar are streaming through the sky

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“Comets of Kandahar” originally appeared on the Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change, in 2013.

I borrowed the title from a beautiful instrumental by Canadian songwriter, Bruce Cockburn. He wrote some brilliant songs back in the 1980’s, including If I Had A Rocket Launcher, They Call It Democracy, and Stolen Land. When I read about some of the odd things he said in reference to the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan, I was inspired to verse. Within this song, I refer to my three favorite Bruce Cockburn songs from the 80’s.