Crashing Down

It can happen in a moment
And sometimes it does
When what could be is
And what shouldn’t be was
There are times
When you gotta stand steady
There are other times
When you gotta be ready

The window can open
Seems so wide but
You can never tell
When it’s gonna slam shut
One day you’re a target
On the firing ranges
The next day all of a sudden
Everything changes

When it all, when it all, when it all,
when it all comes crashing down

So easy to feel
Like you’re standing still
Then the scene is revealed
And you’re on top of the hill
At that point you know
You can let it go by
Or spread your wings
And take to the sky


When what you know
May all be true
But sometimes all that’s real
Is what you do
Some moments are coming
Others have came
And then there are those
When you’ve just gotta take aim


Sheet music:
Crashing Down

“Crashing Down” originally appeared on the Soundclick release, Waiting for the Fall (not to be confused with the retrospective CD with the same name that came out later) in 2005. It later appeared on that retrospective in 2009, and on the Halliburton Boardroom Massacre CD in 2005.

It’s a punk rock song, and a prediction of the Global Financial Crisis that occurred a few years after I wrote it.